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dillingham self storage for the holidays

“dillingham self storage filling up”

Our dillingham self storage units have been filling up now that it’s the holidays. We’ve noticed that several of our tenants have been in need of more space so several of them acquired a second unit with us.  This means that we’re filling up fast.

“self storage units to store Christmas decorations”

As of now, there are only a handful of spaces available.  If you’re in need of storage, call now to ask us about one.  It’s a great feeling to clean out your home to ring in the new year.  You may also need a space to store all of those extra Christmas decorations after the holidays are over!  

“great way to hide Christmas presents from keiki”

Storage units can also be a great way to hide Christmas presents from the keiki if you’re in need of a good hiding spot. Santa sometimes has a hard time figuring out a hiding spot because those keiki are getting really good at finding things!  In units, all the gifts are safe and hidden from potential discovery!

Dillingham Storage

Dillingham spotlight: John

Dillingham Blvd Self Storage has known John at Able Pest Control since ‘09. He’s been a tenant with us for the last 7 years and we’re happy to have him here.

Able Pest Control

Able Pest Control is a local business that’s been in Hawaii for the last 15 years. Their motto is “to build personal and business relationships by joyfully serving our community.” We also hire them to spray our building and our staff also uses them for their own homes as well. John and his team also rent out our conference room for quarterly meetings.

Location convenience

Dillingham Self Storage’s location makes it really easy for them to be based in town. They’re main office is located in Aiea. We also receive mail for them so it’s almost like having a second location, especially with the use of our conference room.

We make it a goal to offer self storage in a welcoming, fun environment like the one we have at Dillingham Self Storage. Our staff are very friendly and if you bring your business here we might even hire you for ourselves!