Dillingham Self Storage

Storage Nearby for House Floods

Jonathan and Alisha were in need of storage nearby after their house flooded. Hurricane Lane brought heavy rains, and although it didn’t damage Oahu like it did to the Big Island, some families were still affected.

Storage Nearby

Their home was flooded and they immediately needed storage nearby to house their things in a dry, safe environment. In the meantime, they planned to clear and repair their home. Luckily, we had a unit for them that fit their needs. They didn’t need a large unit, just a small one for their valuables. We had a perfect fit.

Be Prepared

It’s unfortunate when unexpected events like this occur, but we’re glad we were able to help them out even if it was relieved just a little stress. A storage unit can be helpful in times like this for when you just need to get your valuables into a safe environment, quickly and efficiently!