Dillingham Self Storage

Storage for Kayaks

Our self storage facilities offer affordable kayak storage. These outdoor kayak units fit a standard kayak size and can be incredibly helpful to keep your kayak safe and secure. Save the room from your garage and store your kayak with us. We can offer the security for your kayak. When you are ready to take it out for some fun, you can stop by to our centrally-located facility on Dillingham Blvd. to pick it up! The kayak storage is outdoors, located behind our secure gate. Although it is outdoors, the units are covered. Kayaks are shielded from the elements and sun exposure.

Kayak Self Storage in High Demand

These kayak units are in high demand and we recommend getting on our waitlist so we can call you as soon as a unit becomes available. During the winter months when customers are not utilizing their kayaks as much, we typically have no vacancies. We recently had a customer who was on the waitlist for a few months before we had a unit open for her. She was so excited to get a spot that she sent her husband in on the same day to get the paperwork done! She wanted to secure her spot as soon as possible. We love it when customers are eager to secure their spot, it makes us happy that we could get them off the waitlist! Now that summer break is around the corner, customers will most likely be pulling their kayaks out of storage for summer fun.


We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and van rentals.


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Self Storage Rent Increases

Self storage tenants will receive certified letters notifying them of rental price increases. Due to the fact that we have rising operating costs, it is necessary for us to increase the monthly rental fees. Although we strive to provide the best storage rental value for our tenants, we are faced with the rising costs brought on by the recent recession. Given rising energy, labor and supply costs, we must also increase the cost of self storage rental units. We appreciate your understanding and thank our tenants in advance. We know the last few years have been stressful due to the pandemic, recession and economy. This was not a light decision to raise rental prices. We extend our appreciation to tenants who have been with us for decades and stayed with us even during the pandemic! From all of us here at Dillingham, we really appreciate your support over the years. We are looking forward to a brighter outlook in the coming years given the ending of the pandemic. The Dillingham ohana is excited for what we have in store, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without your unwavering support.  

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We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and van rentals.

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Self Storage Wreath Contest

The self storage ohana appreciates all customers who participated in our Christmas wreath contest this year! The office girls were given a budget for materials and supplies to decorate a wreath. These wreaths were on display in the office. Customers were asked to vote for their favorite wreath, not knowing who produced each wreath. We love the wreaths this year and are happy to announce the winners! The blue and gold wreath (bottom right) won first place. The mickey mouse design (bottom left) won second place. We are so happy with these wreaths and love the customer feedback!  self storage

We love doing this annual wreath contest. It is a fun and entertaining way to engage with our customers and have some friendly competition in the office! We enjoy seeing customers vote for their favorite wreaths. We do this every year so we have new Christmas decorations for the front lobby.

Our self storage ohana wishes everyone a happy and safe new year celebration. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2023! From our ohana to yours, we wish you a happy holiday and happy end to your 2022! We are looking forward to new customers and new adventures in 2023.

We also offer other services on property, such as print services and truck rentals.

Dillingham Self Storage

Great Year for Self Storage Customers

We love our self storage customers. We have met so many new tenants this year in addition to getting to know some of our longtime storage customers. We have also met new print shop customers, especially with the increase in social activities and gatherings this year. We have seen the increase in parties and gatherings with all of the printed invitations and announcements. It is so wonderful to see people returning to some level of normal life after years of the pandemic. We love printing programs for local concerts and events! It is great to see people renting trucks to host holiday parties, graduation parties and other family events. We know that people are in the party season when our van rentals are all out. 

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Self Storage Changes This Year

We have had many new changes, renovations and exciting initiatives here at Dillingham all year long. We are very thankful to our loyal customers as well as our recent new tenants. As the year closes, we would like to thank all of our storage, print shop and van rental customers. We hope to have another amazing year together in 2023 with our self storage family!


We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and van rentals.

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Self Storage Units in Peak Demand

The self storage units here at Dillingham are in high demand. There are times when we only offer a few sizes because most of our units are occupied. Typically when this occurs, we can only offer the large units to new tenants. This is because the small and medium-sized units are usually sold out. The smaller units are typically more popular compared to the larger units.

Self Storage Units and Good Customer Service

Paulina was one of those new tenants that needed a unit during our peak summer season. She was in need of a small unit just to store a few valuable items while her home was under renovation. At the time, we could only tour a large unit for her. She was interested in a smaller unit because she did not have that many items that needed to be in storage. Although we try our best to offer customers the best fit, sometimes we are unable to do that, especially in peak season. We gave her a few recommendations for nearby storage facilities because we don’t like to see customers spend money on an expensive large unit that they do not need. Paulina returned after 2 hours and said she loved our service so much that she wanted a large unit with us! We were surprised but Paulina preferred a facility with quality customer service, which is exactly what we offer! We were so delighted when Paulina came back to sign a lease for a large unit with us. 


We also offer other services on property in addition to self storage, such as Dilly Van Rentals and printing services.


Self Storage Customers Over the Decades

We have some self storage customers that have been with us for over a decade. Char and Ken have been tenants with us since the very beginning in 2009. We appreciate their service and we love seeing them every time they stop by the office. We recently chatted with them about the storage facility that is moving in next door to us. Char and Ken recalled some unpleasant memories with this company years ago and we reassured them that Dillingham Self Storage is not going anywhere! We prioritize customer service, security, safety and hygiene. We hold all our storage units and van rentals to a high standard.

Long Term Self Storage Customers

We love having these long-time customers who have seen us change and grow over the decades. When we first started, we didn’t have our own fleet of rental vehicles. We didn’t even have the Dilly Print Shop! These loyal customers have watched us evolve and we love to see them every time they stop by the office. Char and Ken are some of our most loyal returning customers. We value them and love catching up with them each time we get to see them!


We also offer other services on property, like van rentals and printing services!

Dillingham Self Storage

Self Storage Tenant Spotlight: Pua

Our self storage tenants have such individual and unique stories. We love to hear about all of them. Some of our tenants have been with us for so long that we’ve learned stories about their entire families! It is remarkable how many people you can meet just in the lobby of a storage business. 

Pua’s Moving Supplies at Dillingham Self Storage

Pua has been with us for a while now. She comes in often to purchase moving supplies. We sell moving supplies in our lobby, such as large wardrobe-sized boxes, rolling tape and bubble wrap. Pua stops by frequently to purchase large wardrobe-sized boxes and rolls of packing tape. She has a very consistent pattern of stopping by every two months. One time we chatted with her and learned that she sends supplies to her mom in Tonga. Her mom operates a store and needs certain items. Pua fills a box with all of these items and sends it off in a container to her mom. We love hearing these kinds of unique family stories. Pua stops by other stores like Costco to get more supplies for her mom before sending off her periodic shipment. We love to hear the stories that Pua shares with us about her mom. Our self storage tenants make us feel like family.


We also offer other services on property. We have printing services and van rentals available!

Dillingham Self Storage

Self Storage for Gary

Gary was looking for some self storage with us. He was an old tenant and moved out early last year. We were so happy that he came back to sign with us for a new unit! Gary had some nice things to say about our business. In a time like this that we’re living through, happy tenants help make our days brighter. If we have an old tenant moving in again with us, we know we’ve done something right. It’s also a good feeling to see an old face around here again.  

Self Storage for New Tenants

Even though we have new office hours and some visiting restrictions in place, we are still leasing out storage units to new and old tenants. Give us a call at 808-841-9555 or email us at for more information. This is a great time to clean out the house for your new home office. Spending more time at home gives us all an opportunity to improve our home. Self storage can help with the process. We are fast over email and also quick to answer the phone! 

Other Services

Check out our other products and services offered on the same property. We have printing services on site as well as van rentals!


Self Storage for Working from Home

Self storage has been a hot commodity during this new wave of Working From Home (WFH.) More people in their homes means they have time to recognize all the things they have laying around! Some have gotten a storage unit for the time being just to make more room in the home in order to comfortably set up their working unit. If you’re interested to see how we’re responding to the pandemic, check out our other blog post on our new cleaning regime in place. 

Working from Home

While working from home, it’s difficult but important to keep things separated from home life and work life. Jane has been a tenant with us since last year and she had a storage unit with her mom just to hold household items. She works for the City & County of Honolulu, who currently have no date to return to the office and are working from home full time at the moment. The uncertainty of returning to the office convinced her to make a comfortable and permanent work space from home. As a result, she signed up for another unit with us! She has a unit with us to store household items and free up space for an office at home. We thought this was a great idea and an easier way to keep things separated. It’s important to make room for a home office, and we love Jane’s creative idea! Self storage units are in such high demand right now that Jane picked up the last unit we had!

Self Storage and Other Services

If you are interested in our other services on property, check out our Dilly Van Rentals and Dilly Print Shop websites for more information!


Self Storage is in High Demand

Self storage has been a hot commodity during this quarantine period. Dillingham Self Storage has seen many tenants move in – both old and new. Many tenants have had time to clean the house and get rid of old things during this “down time.” Several are returning to Dillingham after a few months out of it. 

Waitlist for Self Storage

We have a waitlist to manage the high demand and high occupancy at the facility. Give us a call or send us an email to ask about our wait list! 

Returning Tenants

Sam is one of our tenants who came back after being away from us for a while. Sam moved out in 2017 and came back to us recently. He called us asking for a small unit and we are so happy that we had a locker available for him! As we mentioned, we are very busy with welcoming in new tenants and always have people asking about new units. So, if you’re interested in a unit, call early! We are very happy that we had something for Sam so he could move back into our storage family. We’re glad to have you back, Sam. He is just one of many old tenants who are moving back in with us.


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