We love ya tuts!

Here at Dillingham Blvd Self Storage, we’re proud to say we have our own “typical tutu lady” who visits us quite frequently, and that’s Barbara Jean. Most of us call her Aunty BJ.

Aunty BJ has been a tenant with us since 2009. She started off with a standard 10 x 15 unit then later picked a smaller 10 x 15. She’s here almost every day, it’s safe to say about 4x a week. She likes to bring candies and “goodies” for us with every visit. It’s like she’s become “one of the aunties” in the office. Aunty BJ is here for every birthday and office party we have. She’s an active 75 year old. Sometimes she just visits us to hang out, even if she’s not checking in to her storage unit.

Aunty BJ helps around the office. When she’s free she’ll help us with cleaning by sweeping throughout the building and even outside and cleaning our bathrooms, too. When she notices that we’re having a busy day of customers, she’ll even chat with some of them until our staff members are available to attend to them.

Aunty BJ  has such an outgoing and fun personality, we love having her around! She’s always making funny remarks while talking to our staff like occasionally scolding us with, “you know you’re not right, right.” We’ve gotten so close to her that sometimes we even call her “Tuts!” We love ya Tuts!