The book boys

Scotty has been a storage tenant with us since ‘12. He is one of our many clients that uses his storage unit as a warehouse for his business. Scotty sells used books and packs and ships them for lower rates than amazon and most retail stores. His business primarily appeals to college students, so he deals with a lot of textbook orders.

His storage unit is the perfect warehouse for Scotty’s books. Here at Dillingham Self Storage they’re known as the “book boys.” Scotty and his business partner have their employees pack and ship the books from the unit because neither of them live here.

Aside from storage, Scotty also uses our mail service and sometimes sends in mail for his workers. He also utilizes our conference room when they’re in town. The conference room is available for tenants to use at no additional cost.

The book boys are a great example of a mobile business that runs and operates here at Dillingham Self Storage!