The benefits of using professional movers

Dillingham Self Storage recommends using professional movers when making a big move or moving one’s things into storage in general.

“If I were gonna do it, I’d use a mover. I watch the stress level move up and down, and people accidentally break their own things because it hasn’t been wrapped or packed properly or they don’t know where they’ve packed it,” Nanette said.

It’s easier to focus your concerns on labeling boxes while someone else is packing it, and watching where it’s placed in the unit. It simplifies the unpacking process and just saves the physical strain on yourself in general. Also, professional movers have far more experience in moving and carefully packing fragile items.  

Professional movers are also skilled with efficiently packing boxes in Uhaul trucks (available for rent at Dillingham Self Storage) compared to friends or yourself who will most likely be tired or frustrated with having to make multiple trips to your storage unit because of lack of skill in packing things and boxes. Uhaul trucks are rented by the mile so reducing the number of trips to your storage unit is critical in reducing the total amount you’re investing in your move.