Dillingham Storage

Storage unit discounts

A new storage unit can qualify for a discount if a friend referred you to store with us!

Clarke’s new storage unit

Clarke recently got a storage unit with us. He initially said “no” to our units because we didn’t have the available size he wanted. However, he came back a few days later to go with the unit we had available.

The next month, his daughter stopped by our office to cash in her refer-a-friend discount because she referred her dad. However, silly Clarke thought only his daughter would get the discount so he forgot to mention her name when he signed his storage lease! Clarke was just joking because he forgot that we give the discount to the old and new tenants in the referral.

referral discount for friends!

We applied the newfound referral discount to Clarke’s new unit and his daughter’s next month’s rent. Clarke said he’s going to try and refer someone new every month to get a discount now!

The refer-a-friend discount is $50 off your new month’s rent, for each tenant, the new and the old!