Storage spotlight: Kevin

We’d like to show some spotlight on our long-time storage tenant Kevin who has been with us since 2014. He’s always had an internal unit inside of our building but has been hoping to get an outside external-unit for a while now. We were finally able to get him that recently just this year and he was so happy he claims he’ll never leave us now!

Kevin at Pacific Rim Tile & Stone

Kevin utilizes his external unit as warehouse space while his internal unit is an office space for his workers. He owns a flooring company by the name of Pacific Rim Tile & Stone. He’s a really great guy to talk to and often times will stop by the office just to talk story, say hi to us and crack funny jokes. We found out that he’ll be traveling to California soon to compete in a marathon there and hopes to one day be running in the Boston Marathon.

Storage tenants talk story

We love hearing stories from our tenants about their personal lives and accomplishments, it’s a nice feeling that they feel happy about sharing their lives with us and letting us know what’s new!