storage facility

Customer service at the storage facility

A trait that makes us the best storage facility on the island is the fact that we really value our customers and work hard to deliver excellent customer service. It’s important to us that we remember everyone’s names and are always friendly and approachable. We want people to know that if they have any questions, they can come to us for help and answers.

Our tenant, Sherry

One of our storage tenants who has been with us for a while now, Sherry, loves the fact that we remember her name. She has been with us since February of 2016 and the last time she stopped by she commented how much she appreciates our customer service, and that it’s one of the reasons why she keeps coming back to us! The prior storage facility she was at (for 9 years!,) didn’t remember her name and was rude upon her move out. Her overall experience there was very unpleasant but she’s very happy that she’s with us now, and we’re also happy to have her! We love ya Sherry, can’t wait to see ya the next time you stop by!

Our storage facility is friendly!

We believe that customer service is what will keep a customer coming back for more, and that’s why we value it so much and work hard to deliver the best customer service there is in town!