hawaii storage

Storage facilities are in high demand

Our storage facilities are in high demand. We have so many current tenants that when we’re at full capacity, we start a wait list that customers can be put on for when their requested size isn’t available. We update this list all the time and let our customers know when the size that they want becomes available.

This is the most efficient process for fulfilling the needs of all of our customers. It’s difficult to make sure each of our customers are getting what they want, so we use our wait list to make things as fair as possible. It’s the best way to coordinate and satisfy our potential tenants.   

Storage facilities can be very helpful in keeping things safe for while you’re in the middle of the move, or just need some things to be put off to the side for a little while! If you’re interested in joining our ohana, stop by and we’d love to chat with you! Let us know what you’re interested in and we can show you around. We’d love for you to join our storage ohana.