Storage tenants that paint

A big portion of our storage tenants are local business owners. We’ve mentioned some of these business owners in the past and how we’ve developed some close relationships with them.

Aaron Ho Painting

Aaron Ho with Ho Painting LLC is one of those. Aaron’s business does residential and commercial painting jobs and has been a storage tenant with us since fall of last year. He’s got one of our storage units that’s a 24 hour drive- up units that he utilizes as a warehouse for all of his materials. We’ll see Aaron multiple times a week and whenever he stops by he’ll come in to say hi and talk story with everyone. We always tell him when one of us is going to Vegas because he’ll give us new restaurant recommendations that we should try.

Aaron has been so helpful because we’ve personally hired him to paint our building and access gates. We’ve even had him do some of our own homes! They’ve been great at scheduling us in because we’ve had some sudden paint jobs come up (like when our office needed painting because someone hit our building with a truck.)

We encourage you to follow Aaron’s business on Instagram! “HO Painting”