Dillingham Self Storage

Shelving is key!

Despite the size of a unit, there are several steps a tenant can take to maximize the space of their unit and get more “bang for their buck” here at Dillingham Self Storage.

One of the ways to do this is with shelves. Shelves help tenants stack upwards and gain height in their storage unit compared to placing boxes on the floor. Shelves maximize the height of a unit in a cost-effective manner.     

Costco and City Mill sell metal shelves that are easy to apply, as well as cheap shelving with wheels that easily roll to allow for mobile accessibility.   

“You could actually put shelves right down the middle on wheels and you could pull it out when you go into the unit and then you’ve really maximized all your space, as long as that one in the middle isn’t heavily weighed down,” Nanette said.

Shelves also protect the fragile tops of cardboard packing boxes by removing the weight of stacking boxes on boxes. Shelving helps to protect cardboard boxes from falling through at the top by removing this pressure.