self storage facilities

Security at Self Storage Facilities

Security is a priority for self storage facilities. Proper surveillance, a gated property and sufficient security personnel are just a few examples of what makes a safe storage facility. We make all of these features a priority here at Dillingham Self Storage. As a business, we prioritize safety for not only our customers, but our employees and staff here as well. We want a welcoming and safe environment for all those who come into our self storage facilities.

Security as a Priority

Manu has been a print shop customer with us for years and recently signed up for a storage unit. He had his things in another storage facility at the time but was unhappy with the lack of security at the location. The facility lacked gates or secure entrances and strangers could walk up to individual storage units from the sidewalk. It was unsettling for him as a storage customer. This can be concerning for many people.

Peace of Mind

We are happy to provide Manu peace of mind knowing that his belongings are safe and secure at Dillingham Self Storage. Welcome to the storage ohana, we are glad to have you!

self storage facilities

Security is a priority at our self storage facilities.