storage units

Robert with the trendy toys

A long-time customer of ours who’s had storage units with us ever since 2014 sells cool toys and trendy items. We’d like to recognize him in this blog post of ours.

Robert’s business

Robert is the owner of Paraholder LLC and has a few storage units with us. He orders the latest trendy toys and sells them as part of his business. His storage units are very helpful for storing his orders and items before selling them. You can typically find Robert at the swap meet selling his toys. As a storage tenant, he also takes advantage of our mail receival service so we usually receive several boxes and mail for him. Robert sold kendamas back when they were popular and even a few hydroflasks. His latest and greatest items are the fidget spinners, which have seriously grown in popularity over the past few months. If you’re in need of any of these, stop by the swap meet at Robert’s booth, he’s always ordering new items and toys.

We love small businesses!

If you’re in need of storage units to help grow your business, stop by and talk to us! We love hosting small businesses, and we also love hearing about your business growing, not to mention we love businesses that bring us new toys!