Rail construction raises concerns

Construction of the rail has raised concerns for the Dillingham community, especially for its businesses. Local businesses are worried that the construction will prompt severe traffic and slow down business. Customers will have a harder time with accessing stores along the boulevard. Important utilities like electrical and water lines would also have to be shut down to make room for construction. Dillingham Self Storage has also been concerned.

Construction Concerns

Businesses are rallying together to communicate their worries with City and County. They aim to have the construction done at night instead of the day. City and County has informed local owners  that Dillingham Boulevard would be shut down but there are no concrete dates with regards to how long the vital road would be closed for.


Dillingham businesses have joined forces with the Honolulu Area Rapid Transit (HART) organization in hopes of maintaining communication with the city on the issue. The owner of Dillingham Self Storage has already done interviews with local news sources and is in communication with other businesses.

As of now, storage tenants still have access to their units. We’ll be updating tenants if and when there will be construction along dillingham.