Personal storage insurance

Your personal storage is important, and it’s important to keep it safe and secure. As we mentioned earlier, we do have very secure facilities with excessive security measures and personnel. Here at Dillingham we take our tenants’ storage very seriously. We want you to know your things are safe.

However, just like with anything, it’s always a good idea to purchase insurance. Insurance at Dillingham is optional. We’ve heard of some storage facilities on the island that require you to purchase insurance. However, we go through an outside insurance company that is optional to our customers. MiniCo is the insurance company that we partner with. They insure stored property against burglary, storms, smoke, fires, earthquakes, lightning, rodents and more. Monthly premiums start at $9.00 for a coverage limit of $2,500 and go up to $75.00 monthly for a coverage limit of $20,000.00. Before you make a decision, if you are a homeowner, then your storage unit might also be covered. Some renters insurance might also cover storage units as well.  

Your personal storage will always be safe with us but for peace of mind it might be a good idea for a tenant to invest in storage unit insurance. Come in and talk to us if you have any questions or need advice!