Kayak self storage facilities

Our self storage facilities offer more than just big vacant rooms for you to store your belongings in. We also offer outdoor kayak storage specifically built for kayaks to be stored in. The kayak area is inside of the security gate but outside of the building, so our kayak tenants have 24 hour access to their area. Our kayak storage area is typically never vacant and we’re almost always at maximum capacity. Kayaks are pretty popular in Hawaii given it’s summer weather year-round so people are always out on the water, and having toys on the water is more fun than not having any. So, people are always looking for a place to store their kayaks, especially for kayak-owners who live in apartments with little to no storage space.

kayak vacancies

We recently had a few kayak spaces become vacant. In fact, we had 3 spaces free up in the last month. Those tenants either sold their kayaks or moved into bigger homes with room to store the kayaks. Each individual kayak slot charges $45/month, including 24-hour access and a safe slot to store your toy! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our kayak storage.