storage van

Katherine loves our storage vans

Katherine has been a customer renting our storage vans even when we had our uhaul. Now she’s been renting our Dilly Rentals.  Katherine and her boyfriend recently moved to the mainland in the last few years.  She rented a van from us in the spring to help in the moving process.  

storage vans for moving

Katherine came in again in September for our 10’ transit van.  We remembered her when she stopped by!  She mentioned that they have been moving around to different places since they’ve come here from the mainland.  Our vehicles have been of help to them every time they’ve needed one! Hopefully we won’t be seeing them for a while because that means they’ve found a place they’re really happy with this time!

Dilly Rentals are just as great as uhaul

Dilly Rentals are really helpful when moving because we provide a lot of different sizes and are fairly efficient with getting back to customer questions over email. Or, if you want to give us a call, that’s fine, too! Several customers who were adamant uhaul renters are still with us even though we have switched over to our own Dilly Rental vans.