Dillingham Self Storage

Jamie’s storage unit at Dillingham

storage unit tours

Jamie came in looking for a storage unit a few days ago with her aunt. She was looking for a small unit just to put some of her things in, so we gave her a tour of our facilities. We give potential tenants a tour of our facilities so they know what they’re going to be paying for and make sure that we are able to give them everything that they need. She wasn’t sure of her final decision so we gave her some time to think about it.

Thanks Jamie!

A few days later she returned, eager to sign her lease for the storage unit. Jamie was also such a sweetheart and brought a pair of leggings for everyone in the office! The company she got leggings from is called “lularoe” and makes very cute, customized leggings. Jamie said that she was so pleased with her tour and was so happy with how nice our staff was that she wanted to sign her lease with us and bring us a gift at the same time! Thank you Jamie for the leggings, and welcome to the Dillingham ohana!