Hot wheels with Uhaul

We’re #1. And by that, we mean we’re currently the #1 rated Uhaul truck dealer for Hawaii. Of course self-storage is our forte, but we can multi-task more than you think.

As an authorized Uhaul truck dealer, we rent out 3 vans, 3 pickup trucks, one 10’ box truck and one 15’ box truck. Rentals are not limited to tenants. Anyone on the island can rent one of our Uhaul trucks. Come one, come all!

Our rentals are a flat-rate charge per day. Cargo vans and pickup trucks are $19.95/day plus 79 cents per mile. Larger box trucks are priced at a higher rate.

We ask our customers to take surveys after returning the trucks (and not to brag, but we’ve got a consistent 4 star average on the 5 star scale). The survey ratings are posted on Uhaul’s main website here:

The annual Made in Hawaii festival is a hot event for customers as reservations fill up quickly for our Uhaul trucks – make sure to place a reservation as early as possible!

The Dillingham location is very convenient, accessible and easy to find. Loading and unloading is not a problem with our spacious parking lot.  

Interested in renting one of our hot rides? Call 587-7974 to make a reservation with us!