Dillingham Self Storage

Grace & Jordan

We love making new friends that don’t want to leave us, especially our friends Grace and Jordan, local business owners who couldn’t say goodbye!  

Grace and Jordan own and operate “Best Day Ever Weddings Linen and Décor,” a business specializing in linen backdrops and linen decorations for weddings and formal events. They have done work for local high school proms as well as weddings.

They store their work materials in their own home but because their house was being fumigated they needed a small space to store all of their linen decorations. On the last day of their lease, they wanted to renew it realizing that the extra storage space was convenient for their lifestyle and business. It held all of their materials and they could easily access them at any time! However, the smaller size they wanted wasn’t available as the last one was already leased out.

Grace and Jordan found a new self-storage place that offered what they wanted, but they still wanted to stay at Dillingham.

“I didn’t want to go to this new place,” Jordan said.

Their luck came around on the same day when the 5 x 5 storage here opened up and Grace and Jordan rushed back to sign their September lease!