Dillingham Self Storage

Secure storage facilities

Our facilities have 24/7 security coverage. We mentioned this in a post a few weeks ago, but recently, our security cameras came in handy when HPD stopped by.

Officer Higa

Officer Higa with HPD came into our office a little while ago asking about one of our security cameras near the back of the building that faces the DMV’s parking lot. Apparently a 90 year old man was reporting his car as stolen from the parking lot and they were asking if they could review some of camera footage. He gave us the description of the car and we checked our cameras to see if we could notice anything suspicious. While we were reviewing our cameras Officer Higa gave us a call back 10 minutes later to let us know that they found the car in Costco’s parking lot. Turns out, the man forgot that he parked his car at Costco!

HPD inquiries on facilities

This actually isn’t the first time that HPD has come in inquiring about our camera footage for reasons other than storage; because our cameras run 24/7 and face around the entire building, they’re very helpful in detecting possible crimes in the area.