Dillingham Self Storage

Downsizing is key

Most customers aren’t aware of the fact that they aren’t required to stay in their specific unit size for the entire month.

For example, some tenants who are in a rush to move into storage will come in with a large amount of items and boxes. They usually later clear through them and end up reducing their amount in storage. It would be useful in this case to size down and get a smaller unit, because they no longer need the extra space, saving money in the process.

Dillingham Self Storage makes it easier for tenants to accomplish this by allowing them to downsize to a smaller space (given availability) at any point in the month. Our storage facilities are air conditioned and always clean, so feel free to come on by an sort through your boxes if at any time you feel downsizing would be helpful and necessary. And we’ll usually have coffee and pastries downstairs for ya! And what’s even better is there’s a public dump less than a mile away so you can rent out one of our Uhaul trucks for 50 cents a mile and spend less than $2 to haul away your stuff!  

If your desired smaller unit is not available at the time, we’ll have you down on a waiting list for the next month!