Dillingham Self Storage

Doug’s business storage unit

Doug has had a storage unit with us ever since 2010.  He’s a local business owner.  He currently runs his business, Hawaiian Island Shine from a kiosk in PearlRidge. Doug recently leased a store space because he is expanding his business!  We’re so happy for Doug but we’re sad to see him go. At the time he was running his business primarily from his storage unit with us, but now he’s got his own place for the store. 

Doug’s storage unit

However just the other day, he came into let us know that his store space isn’t as big as he thought it would be so he would still keep a storage unit with us!  Although we had moved him out of his large unit already, we were able to accommodate him in a smaller unit that would work for him.  We’re so happy to see our small business owners grow their businesses, but we’re still happy to have him around!  

storage unit for a small business owner

Storage units can be a great starter area for small business owners.  We have lots of local businesses start with us before they expand their clientele and move on to bigger and better things. If you’re interested in getting a business started and need an office space but don’t want to pay an expensive lease, one of our storage units may be a great option for you.