dillingham self storage

Referring Friends at Dillingham Self Storage

Jessie’s mom had been at dillingham self storage for a few years – since 2013. She used her mom’s unit frequently so we saw her around quite a few times. Recently, she came in with her husband to look at units for their family.

dillingham self storage came out on top!

She had looked at two other facilities that were closer to home in the process, just for convenience. She wasn’t a fan of how dirty those facilities were and how unpleasant the staff was, so she came back to dillingham self storage. Even though it will be a longer drive, she said it’s definitely worth it. She wasn’t even sure why she went to look at other places anyway when she knows how much she loves storing with us!

referral discount

Shortly after looking at all of the unit sizes we have, they decided on one and are tenants themselves now. Her husband received a $50 referral discount as he was referred to by someone who was previously a tenant here!

thank you for bringing in new people

If your friends and family are looking for a storage unit and you are already a tenant at dillingham self storage – bring them in for a referral discount to get $50 off their first month’s rent! This is our way of saying thank you for referring us to your friends and family.