Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage Has Demand for Smaller Units

Dillingham Self Storage has seen big changes in the world in recent times. With Hawai’i still under partial lockdown, we are maintaining our strict cleaning regime and regulations. We are limiting the number of people in the lobby at one time and have certain public areas completely closed off. The bathrooms and the computers in the lobby are unavailable for public use. We are still waiving all late fees for rent that is not paid on time. If tenants are unable to make payments on time, please give us a call and keep us informed. We like to maintain open communication with our storage tenants. 

Downsizing Units for Tenants

Recently, we have seen some moving around within our facility as some tenants prefer to size down. Now that many people are at home and have spare time, they are able to clean out their storage units and really make the most of their time. We have seen many tenants request to downsize from their current unit. We are hoping to move these tenants down from their larger units into smaller, more affordable units as much as possible.  

Dillingham Self Storage Sees New Demand

If you are interested in our other services available on property, check out our Dilly Van Rentals and Dilly Print Shop websites for more information!