Dillingham’s unique customer service

Scott has been a tenant of Dillingham Self Storage since ‘10. He runs a local company, SM Golf Enterprise, that prints t shirts for sport teams and such. He does a lot of work for collegiate team sports primarily, such as the UH volleyball team shirts and the UH soccer team shirts. He also prints t shirts for businesses. 

We love helping businesses

We love helping out local companies to do the best work they can, and Scott is one of the many examples of this. When t shirts are ready to be picked up he’ll leave them at our front desk and clients will come to collect them. Customer service is a priority here at Dillingham Self Storage.

Storage + printing + mail reception

Scott also prints fliers and shipping labels at our Dilly Print Shop, and takes advantage of our free mail service for tenants because we receive many packages for him. He stops by Dillingham frequently to use our computers or leave boxes for clients to pick up. He’s also become a close friend of our owners, Jim and Nanette.

Customer service is a priority

Dillingham has been really helpful in helping him expand his business and encourage other local businesses to get a storage unit with us so we can provide you with that same excellent customer service!