Dillingham’s Dilly Rentals

No more Uhaul

In addition to our new printing machines, we are also very excited to announce that we are building our own fleet of rental vehicles, as of Oct 1, Dillingham Self Storage is no longer a Uhaul dealer. We’ve been waiting to branch out and start our own rental vehicles and now is finally the time!

Dilly Rentals

Our fleet is slowly building but right now we have a cargo van and a 10’ sprinter. We are planning to receive a pick-up truck within the next 2 weeks or so. We are projected to bring in a love more vehicles within the next year for people to rent out. It’ll be so nice to call our vehicles our own, and they’ll soon all be on the road alongside companies like Uhaul, Penske and United Truck Rental!

Dillingham Self Storage

This is a big step for us and we’re so excited to introduce even more awesome high-quality Dillingham service to you with our Dilly Rentals!