Customer spotlight: Bert

There are a few clients here at Dillingham Self Storage that we’ll refer to as aunt or uncle and Bert at CBS electric is one of the few that qualifies.

Bert is president of CBS electric and is our oldest tenant. He’s been with us since ‘09. He has two outside units and visit us almost every day. CBS electric has installed solar panels on our building and our electric costs have been significantly reduced ever since. They’ve also helped with the installation of LED lights on all of the floors and aisles in the facilities. They’ve even helped set up our gates! Sometimes Bert will help us and have some of his employees fix our bathroom lights, “anything for you guys,” they’ll say .

CBS electric also utilizes the Dilly Print Shop by printing business cards, invoices and timesheets with us. They stop by almost every day because the two outside units are their warehouse.

Bert is funny and we love having him around!