Customer service is our priority

We’ve recently been getting an overflow of customers coming from another storage facility (who we will not name,) complaining about receiving bad customer service and an overall terrible experience.

For example, we had a customer complain about how he was charged several fees in addition to his storage rent because his credit card had been declined for a payment. Apparently he unknowingly had fraud occur on his credit card so the card was declined for payment, but the storage facility never notified him and he was charged several late fees because of it.

We want our customers to rest assured that if this ever happened to them, we would most definitely let them know immediately so that they wouldn’t be charged these fees! Dillingham Self Storage strives to provide top tier customer service as it is our #1 priority, we provide courtesy calls to customers when their payment is declined especially if their record with us has been exceptionally on-time payments.

Other customers have also complained that this storage facility implemented new policies without notifying their tenants which became a nuisance after numerous times. If we ever implemented new policies we would provide top-tier customer service with answering your questions and would also notify you long before we enact the new changes!