Chocolate On A Mission

Crystal, a tenant of ours, works for “Chocolate on a mission.” She’s been with us since 2013 and we’ve gotten to know her pretty well over the years. She’s befriended everyone in the office and we’re really proud at how far she’s come, spiritually, as an individual. We order chocolates from her all the time and talk story while enjoying them!

Chocolate On A Mission, a Honolulu-based non-profit organization, fundraises for the River of Life Mission. The River of Life Mission aims to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate the homeless, impoverished, low-income families and elderly of Hawaii. They serve over 15,000 meals per month, with their “food box” program feeding 2,000 meals to low-income families each month. A majority of these meals go to children. The non-profit also oversees the Lighthouse Outreach Center, a shelter based in Waipahu that provides social services, case management along with a place to sleep and evening meals.   

As part of their “rehabilitation” aim, they operate two residential homes: House of Hope and Destiny House. The homes offer counseling and rehabilitation services to help men and women build competency to live a healthy life off the streets.

If you’re interested in buying good chocolates for a good cause, visit:!