Thank you, Chad!

A storage customer of ours recently proved himself very helpful and pretty much just amazing when he helped us with a facility emergency!

Chad at Kawamoto Plumbing and Repair

Chad started as a print shop customer but then needed storage space for his business, Kawamoto’s Plumbing and Repair. We initially were able to get him into a 10×10 unit on the 4th floor of our building but later on in the year transferred him to an outside drive-up unit that made it much easier for him to transport his materials. The outside units also have 24 hour access which is great for business owners. Chad is such a great storage client, he’s so nice and makes it really easy to work with him!

What would we do without you!

So, recently we had a bathroom emergency with our facility on a day when the offices were closed (Sundays,) because our guest bathroom had apparently overflowed. We tried fixing the issue ourselves but after half an hour of trying, nothing was working. Luckily, Chad came to the rescue and was there within 10 minutes to help us! Chad even did it free of charge for us! Chad even replaced a valve for the same toilet a few weeks later! The Dillingham Self Storage team wants to thank you so much chad!