hawaii storage

Anthony’s karaoke

Anthony Han has been a tenant with us since ‘09, when we opened Dillingham Self Storage. Currently he has 5 units, 3 of which are outside drive-up and 2 of which are inside. He’s also the owner of ABC karaoke and uses all of his units as warehouse compartments for his equipment. He’s one of our few customers that utilizes all of our services: storage, printing and Uhaul.

In fact, Anthony is currently renting our only store front unit, which is open to customers six days of the week. It’s right along our driveway, he’s been running this store since ‘10. He’s working with Dillingham’s owner, Jim, in expanding his store into a bigger warehouse. Anthony is always at Dillingham, pretty much daily. His employee manages the store from 10-5 Monday to Saturday.

He’s a very nice, sweet individual and we love having him around. Because his second language is English, we’ll help him with grammar on some forms when he’s printing at Dilly Print Shop, from time to time. He likes to chat with us when we’re here, he’s always talking to Nanette or some of our staff at the front desk.