Animal lovers love self storage, too

Here at Dillingham Self Storage, we’re more than just self storage units in Hawaii. We’re animal lovers, too.

A few weeks ago we had an odd run-in with a kitten stuck in the lining of the bed of one of our Uhaul rental trucks. We deemed it a rescue mission and spent hours trying to save the lost kitten.

First, we called the Honolulu Uhaul office to send a maintenance representative to help us remove the cat from the truck. Uhaul sent two employees to help in removing the lining of the bed so the cat could be let out. The kitten darted across our parking lot once we freed it and managed to trap itself in a nearby vehicle again. This time it was a tenant’s car and we had to ask him to help us out in removing the feline from underneath this car.

We called the Hawaiian Humane Society and they brought two vans of helpers to lure the kitten to safety. However for this kitten, they needed to bring in their cat whisperer. It took at least an hour to rescue the kitten.  

This was the first time we met a “cat whisperer” and also the first time we had a kitten stuck in one of our vehicles.

We weren’t kitten with you when we said we’re animal lovers.