Dillingham Self Storage

The Perry siblings

Chris and Crystal Perry are a sibling duo that stop by Dillingham Self Storage almost every day. They currently have two inside ground units and have been tenants with us since 2013. They are the Hawaii representatives for Ortho Development Co., a supplier for orthopedic devices for people going into surgery for knee, hip and spine replacement.

Dillingham receives shipments from FedEx, UPS and USPS, a quality that’s really helpful for Chris and Crystal because they have FedEx shipments arriving almost daily for them. The duo delivers and distributes the supplies to hospitals. Their supplies are sensitive because they need to be stored in a climate-controlled area, hence the reason why their two air-conditioned ground units are helpful.

Chris and Crystal also make use of the Dilly Print Shop and we add the bill to their storage invoice for convenience. They’ve commented in the past on how convenient it is that Dillingham Self Storage offers a plethora of services all in the same place – printing, storage and Uhaul rentals. However, their business is growing and soon they’ll be in need of a warehouse to accommodate for the expansion. But they’ve said that they don’t want to leave us if a spare unit doesn’t open up!

We love Chris and Crystal and we’re hoping they won’t have to leave either!