Storage tenants that paint

A big portion of our storage tenants are local business owners. We’ve mentioned some of these business owners in the past and how we’ve developed some close relationships with them.

Aaron Ho Painting

Aaron Ho with Ho Painting LLC is one of those. Aaron’s business does residential and commercial painting jobs and has been a storage tenant with us since fall of last year. He’s got one of our storage units that’s a 24 hour drive- up units that he utilizes as a warehouse for all of his materials. We’ll see Aaron multiple times a week and whenever he stops by he’ll come in to say hi and talk story with everyone. We always tell him when one of us is going to Vegas because he’ll give us new restaurant recommendations that we should try.

Aaron has been so helpful because we’ve personally hired him to paint our building and access gates. We’ve even had him do some of our own homes! They’ve been great at scheduling us in because we’ve had some sudden paint jobs come up (like when our office needed painting because someone hit our building with a truck.)

We encourage you to follow Aaron’s business on Instagram! “HO Painting”

storage facility

More than just Honolulu self storage

At Dillingham we try to be more than just Honolulu self storage. We like building personal relationships with our tenants.

Dan’s printing needs

Dan has been a storage tenant with us since ‘10. We’ve personally known him for a much longer time and love having him around as a tenant. Dan sells medicare insurance and he uses the Dilly Print Shop for his work. He comes in 3-4 times/week because we also receive mail for him. Dan does a lot of work on the road presenting medicare to different businesses so it’s convenient for him to call us to print some things. He also stops in to use our computers or send faxes. Clients and tenants are welcome to use our computers.

More than Honolulu self storage

As we said earlier, we’re more than just Honolulu self storage. We like to build personal relationships with our clients and talk story with them when they come in, like we do with Dan and many others all the time. It means a lot to us to have this personal relationship with people we work with, it’s what makes us who we are.

Dillingham’s unique customer service

Scott has been a tenant of Dillingham Self Storage since ‘10. He runs a local company, SM Golf Enterprise, that prints t shirts for sport teams and such. He does a lot of work for collegiate team sports primarily, such as the UH volleyball team shirts and the UH soccer team shirts. He also prints t shirts for businesses. 

We love helping businesses

We love helping out local companies to do the best work they can, and Scott is one of the many examples of this. When t shirts are ready to be picked up he’ll leave them at our front desk and clients will come to collect them. Customer service is a priority here at Dillingham Self Storage.

Storage + printing + mail reception

Scott also prints fliers and shipping labels at our Dilly Print Shop, and takes advantage of our free mail service for tenants because we receive many packages for him. He stops by Dillingham frequently to use our computers or leave boxes for clients to pick up. He’s also become a close friend of our owners, Jim and Nanette.

Customer service is a priority

Dillingham has been really helpful in helping him expand his business and encourage other local businesses to get a storage unit with us so we can provide you with that same excellent customer service!

storage units

Honolulu storage + more!

One of the features we offer in addition to our honolulu storage is receiving UPS mail for tenants.

UPS packages

When a storage tenant signs his or her lease they can also sign another permission form to allow Dillingham to receive UPS packages for them. We’ll keep them in a secured unit for you until you’re available to pick them up. We don’t offer mail boxes, but if you’re out all day and you’re expecting a package it’s safe for you to send it here and we’ll receive it. For businesses with important mail this can be helpful if you’re in need of a mailing address to receive your packages. We won’t charge you extra because we know it can be busy operating a business and this is just one more thing we’d like to do to help you out!

More than just honolulu storage

Storage is our specialty but we offer numerous services here at Dillingham Self Storage to make sure our local businesses and tenants get the best service possible. Talk to our staff about this service the next time you stop by for more information!  

Storage for Sonny’s company

Sonny is the owner of Waikiki Construction. His company has been a storage tenant with Dillingham Blvd Self Storage since 2012. They currently lease out an outdoor drive up unit and one inside 1st floor unit. (The 1st floor units can be in high demand because this floor offers electricity to its tenants.) Outside storage units offer 24-hour access.

Sonny’s Storage

Sonny primarily utilizes his unit as a warehouse like many of our other tenants do. His workers come in every morning to load their trucks and return in the afternoon to load their unit up.

Business expansion

Waikiki Construction expanded their business while they were tenants here. They used to be JR plumbing but then obtained a contractor’s license so they could be a full service company instead of just a plumbing business.

We’re happy to have moved with them on this journey to becoming a full service company because we know it’s been a pretty big deal for them, so congratulations Waikiki Construction!   

Dillingham Storage

Dillingham spotlight: John

Dillingham Blvd Self Storage has known John at Able Pest Control since ‘09. He’s been a tenant with us for the last 7 years and we’re happy to have him here.

Able Pest Control

Able Pest Control is a local business that’s been in Hawaii for the last 15 years. Their motto is “to build personal and business relationships by joyfully serving our community.” We also hire them to spray our building and our staff also uses them for their own homes as well. John and his team also rent out our conference room for quarterly meetings.

Location convenience

Dillingham Self Storage’s location makes it really easy for them to be based in town. They’re main office is located in Aiea. We also receive mail for them so it’s almost like having a second location, especially with the use of our conference room.

We make it a goal to offer self storage in a welcoming, fun environment like the one we have at Dillingham Self Storage. Our staff are very friendly and if you bring your business here we might even hire you for ourselves!

Top rated hawaii storage

Dillingham Self Storage is one of the top rated self storage venues for Hawaii storage. The Hawaii’s Best awards have been going on for years and Dillingham has placed in the self storage category for the past 4 years.

2nd in Hawaii

We’re pretty proud of our ranking given that we’re compared with other businesses like Hawaii Self Storage that has six different locations. In exchange for our 2nd place we get to place an ad in their paper as being one of “Hawaii’s best.” We also get a plaque to display in the office.

Thank you Hawaii!

The awards are a People’s Choice Award so thank you Hawaii for voting for us! We are working to continue meeting your expectations and providing great and convenient storage and printing services! It’s because of you and our amazing staff that we’re able to provide top rated self storage for Hawaii.

Uhaul dealer

Dillingham Self Storage has been a certified Uhaul dealer for years. We offer a gamut of moving trucks for our tenants to rent at a low cost. The trucks come in different sizes with varying capabilities. We’ve been offering this service for a while and encourage our tenants to make use of it. It makes the moving process a whole lot easier.

Surfrider Spirit Sessions

We’ve recently teamed up with Surfrider Spirit Sessions to sponsor Uhaul trucks for their use. Since March, we’ve been fronting the cost for these surfers to use Uhaul trucks to load and transport their boards for their students. Sufrider Spirit Sessions holds classes for youth to learn to surf. Their motto is: “Catching Waves and Changing Lives!”

Drivers from the business come by once a week to pick up a truck and they’ll be doing so until the end of their summer classes in July. Dillingham Self Storage attended one of their fundraising golf tournaments they host occasionally and our owner, Jim, brought up the idea of sponsoring Uhaul trucks for them.

Rail construction raises concerns

Construction of the rail has raised concerns for the Dillingham community, especially for its businesses. Local businesses are worried that the construction will prompt severe traffic and slow down business. Customers will have a harder time with accessing stores along the boulevard. Important utilities like electrical and water lines would also have to be shut down to make room for construction. Dillingham Self Storage has also been concerned.

Construction Concerns

Businesses are rallying together to communicate their worries with City and County. They aim to have the construction done at night instead of the day. City and County has informed local owners  that Dillingham Boulevard would be shut down but there are no concrete dates with regards to how long the vital road would be closed for.


Dillingham businesses have joined forces with the Honolulu Area Rapid Transit (HART) organization in hopes of maintaining communication with the city on the issue. The owner of Dillingham Self Storage has already done interviews with local news sources and is in communication with other businesses.

As of now, storage tenants still have access to their units. We’ll be updating tenants if and when there will be construction along dillingham.  

We have units open!

Dillingham Blvd. Self Storage has a few openings for prospective tenants! Here are some of our vacancies open at the moment:


5×7.5×10 for $145

5x10x10 for $195

10x10x10 for $300


Those are the monthly rates. We welcome new tenants to self storage with a few “newcomer” discounts. If you know a current tenant with Dillingham Blvd Self Storage, the new and current tenant will receive a $50 discount on next month’s rent with the “Refer a friend” program. Also, we are happy to offer a move in vehicle for just $0.50 a mile plus gas. We offer cargo vans or 14’ box trucks for this. We are an authorized Uhaul dealer and also offer other pick up trucks and cargo vans however there is a greater equipment rental charge and mileage charge.

We know that a moving process (whether you’re moving in or out of a place,) can be stressful, so we try to make it as stress-free for you with these discounts and not to mention or kind and helpful staff!

Check out some of our other blogs on move-in tips with regards to packing boxes and how to maximize efficiency in your storage unit here at dillingham. Moving can be frustrating, especially if you’re downsizing at any point. We’re here to help as much as possible.