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FAQ’s for Self Storage Facilities

Our self storage facilities come with rules and guidelines. Each individual lease sets out the guidelines for move out procedures and due dates for rent. Rent is due on the first of each month. There is a grace period if payment is not received, but that is only before late fees are added to the due amount.

Move-Out Process

If tenants are moving out and terminating their lease, it is mandatory that all of their things be removed from the storage unit along with the lock on the front of the unit. There is no grace period for this move out process. If a tenant’s storage unit is still occupied by the first of the month, they are responsible for the next month’s rent. We are a month to month facility so as long as you are moved out by the last day of the month, you are not responsible for the next month’s rent.

Pro-rating Rent

If tenants move in to their units after the first of the month, we can prorate the rent for that month. However, if tenants move out prior to the last day of the month, we do not offer prorated rent. We do not offer rental refunds. Upon move-in paperwork, there is a one time administrative fee of $20.

Stop By Our Self Storage Facilities

We hope this helps your understanding of how our processes and self storage facilities work. We know it can be confusing at times because we are different from most storage facilities, but we are here to help. Please call or email us with any questions, or stop by and say hi at Dillingham Self Storage! Or leave us a review on Yelp!

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Storage Units for Disaster Relief

Storage units are really helpful for storing items in the midst of a big move.  That’s why most of our tenants are here with us. But, they are really helpful for other things too, like businesses and Team Rubicon! Team Rubicon recently joined our storage ohana.  They are part of an international disaster relief organization with teams across the globe. They help in the time of a natural disaster.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon was recently storing at another facility. But, in the last hurricane scare they were unable to physically access their unit because the road was flooded. One of their biggest priorities is to have access to their disaster relief supplies during a disaster!  This was a concern for them. So, they started looking for a new storage facility that offered 24 hour access and was not located in a flooding zone on the island. They found us.

Out of a Flood Zone

They contacted us in need of one of our outdoor storage units.  We put them on the waitlist but that waitlist usually takes a year to get a unit.  The outdoor units are popular. They are in high demand. Late last month we had a tenant unexpectedly move out! Although we were sad he was leaving so soon, we were happy to open up a unit for Team Rubicon.  We were excited to give them a call and get them into our facility. Although it was not an outdoor unit, they were happy to be out of a flood zone. We are so happy to have Team Rubicon with us and help them do what they do!  Welcome to the storage ohana!

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Self Storage Cleanliness

Our self storage facilities maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout. We pride ourselves in our clean facility and work hard for its upkeep. We know that our storage customers value it, and that’s why we value it, too. Both our offices and storage units are kept to a cleaning regimen on a daily basis.  We like taking care of our self storage facilities, and we hope you will too!  

Touring the Facilities

Warren visited our facilities with his wife to see our available sizes. His sister had a lease at another storage facility and was not a fan of it, so he came to see us. The only units we had available were bigger than what they needed, so they were hesitant to sign a lease with us. The size and price was more than what they needed but they were impressed with how clean the facilities were. They also appreciated the carts in our lobby available for use, and that would come in handy when they were moving items. Warren came back the next day and signed the lease for the unit they toured the day before! Welcome to our storage ohana!

Self Storage Standards

One of our main self storage standards is hygiene and cleanliness.  We want our customers to walk into a welcoming facility.  We want your belongings to be in a comfortable environment that’s safe and clean.

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Security at Self Storage Facilities

Security is a priority for self storage facilities. Proper surveillance, a gated property and sufficient security personnel are just a few examples of what makes a safe storage facility. We make all of these features a priority here at Dillingham Self Storage. As a business, we prioritize safety for not only our customers, but our employees and staff here as well. We want a welcoming and safe environment for all those who come into our self storage facilities.

Security as a Priority

Manu has been a print shop customer with us for years and recently signed up for a storage unit. He had his things in another storage facility at the time but was unhappy with the lack of security at the location. The facility lacked gates or secure entrances and strangers could walk up to individual storage units from the sidewalk. It was unsettling for him as a storage customer. This can be concerning for many people.

Peace of Mind

We are happy to provide Manu peace of mind knowing that his belongings are safe and secure at Dillingham Self Storage. Welcome to the storage ohana, we are glad to have you!

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Security is a priority at our self storage facilities.

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Popular Storage Unit Sizes Have Wait Lists

The most popular storage unit at Dillingham Self Storage is a 10×10.  These are always in demand, regardless of the time of year. So, new tenants looking to move into a unit may have to be on a wait list if they want a 10×10.

10 x 10 is a Popular Size

Tammy and her store stopped by one to check out our available sizes.  They were in the process of moving and needed a unit, like most people, to store their belongings while in between homes. We gave them a tour of the facility, per the usual process for prospective tenants.  At the time, we didn’t have the 10×10 size they wanted, so they left their information with us and we put them on the wait list. We were open with her and let her know how popular these units are, so she may be on the wait list for awhile.  So, Tammy and her sister went to tour other storage facilities to hopefully find one with availability.

Safety is the Priority

They came back a few hours later in the afternoon to take one of our bigger units, because they were so happy with the Dillingham Self Storage facility! Even though it wasn’t the exact size they wanted, they prioritized safety and found our facilities to be very secure.  

Storage Units

Clean Storage Unit

It’s important for your storage unit to be safe and clean, especially if you’re renovating your home.  The last thing you need to worry about is your personal items being at risk of theft or damage!

Size Availability

Adele has been a storage tenant with us since 2014.  Towards the end of January, she called to see if we had any 10x10s available for her daughter Kiana.  Kiana was renovating her home and needed to keep her items out of the way of construction dust and did not have room in her home to store them.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the size she requested at the time she called. Because the new year is a busy time for us, your requested size isn’t always guaranteed to be available.  

Kiana Returns!

Kiana called back a few weeks later and we still didn’t have the size she was interested in. However, we had a larger unit open instead. She came in to look at it and was willing to pay the extra money for a larger space.  She knew our standard of cleanliness and security so she was willing to pay the extra money for a larger space because it was here at Dillingham Self Storage.

Safe and Sound

Kiana’s unit was on the same floor as her mom’s which was convenient.  Although her home renovation was only going to be a few months, she was glad to know that her belongings were safe and sound here at Dillingham Self Storage.  It’s worth it to pay the extra money for security.

storage security system

Storage Security System

Our storage security system includes a night guard, 24 hour surveillance cameras and attentive tenants.  We would like to remind people that the facility access hours are 6am-9pm 7 days a week. The only units capable of 24 hour access are the drive up units and kayak storage tenants as those units are not inside the facility.  Those units are access from the exterior of the building, however are still barred behind our gates.

After- Hours Security Guard

We have an after hour security guard that is on site beginning at 9pm each night and that individual will remind those who are still there that it is time to go, for those tenants with interior units.  

Drive-Up Storage Unit Access

Exterior drive up units with 24 hour access can be helpful for those who need access to their unit at all times.  For example, those coming back from a late beach day and need to put their kayaks or gear away after 9pm on a regular basis, then those units would be of value to these type of customers.  

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New Tenants at Dillingham

Our self storage facilities have been very busy this new year!  We’re excited to welcome all of our new tenants and also those who are signing additional leases with us for extra space. We love new additions to our storage ‘Ohana and we’re happy to help people who are moving into new homes this 2019. These past few months we have had many current tenants sign leases for new units and several referrals for new people to the facility.  

Referral Discount

We just want to remind all of our newcomers that there is a $50 refer a friend discount!  As long as the person who refers someone is still a current tenant, that person and the new tenant will both receive a $50 discount towards their next month’s rent.  We are still really full in capacity at the moment but at the end of each month, we typically have a few move outs, and that tends to open some units. However, those do fill quickly.  We encourage people to check back for new units or put their name on our waitlist and we can give them a call when a new unit opens! Dillingham Self Storage loves welcoming new people.

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Holidays at Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage sees a lot of tenants during the holidays because many keep their holiday decorations in storage for the rest of the year. Those who don’t come in on a periodic basis tend to stop by frequently during the holidays. People are cleaning their homes for the new year or making space for their decorated trees.

Holiday Rush

We have been busy these last few weeks as we’ve had an influx of storage units inquiries for the next month. Many families like to clear their homes of old or unused items during this time as part of their annual traditions to prepare for the new year. New tenants are joining the family as they clear through old things in their home and put into storage their family items. As part of this, people always stop by their storage unit to get rid of old things in there, too!

Storing Decorations

Dillingham Self Storage units can be helpful in storing your holiday decorations like fragile ornaments and special family items. Here, they are safe from obstruction or misplacement. They don’t go anywhere! Our facilities are fully equipped with security surveillance and staff to ensure that your items are safe. Storage may even be a good place for santa to store his presents!

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Storage Units Referral Discount

We offer a referral discount for storage units if you have friends and family with us. It discounts you and your friend’s next month of rent.

Jesse’s Storage Units

Jesse came in looking for a small storage unit to store some containers. We remembered him from last year because his cousins had a unit with us and he came in to help them move their things. He was impressed that we remembered him.


At that time, we didn’t have the specific unit size he was interested in but took down his information to notify him of openings in the future. Fortunately, we had an opening the next week and gave him a call. Jesse was so happy to get that call! He dropped by that same day to sign paperwork and move in. He mentioned another facility had an opening for him but he was holding off in hope that we would have an opening.

The Referral Discount

He applied his $50 referral discount because of his cousins who are tenants with us. Jesse is such a nice person to talk to and was making us laugh the entire time he was here! We’re so glad Jesse likes our facilities and is now part of the storage family!