storage facilities

common concerns for storage facilities

Storage facilities can be a hesitant option for those that have never had one before. New tenants sometimes worry about security and the potential of break-ins when storing their valuables. We are here to assure you that our storage facilities are very secure and safe.

Esther was a recent customer of ours in search of storage for her daughter’s items who was in the midst of a move. She was hesitant to sign a storage lease because of security concerns.

security concerns?

We gave her a tour of the facility and she was impressed by the security cameras we have around the property and the surveillance cameras in place. We also informed her that we have an after-hours security guard monitoring the property at night. We also have alert tenants that report suspicious activity, if any.

cleanliness concerns?

She was also impressed by the cleanliness of Dillingham Self Storage, another concern of hers. Esther expressed how she had toured a few other facilities and noticed the unkempt nature of them. We work hard at maintaining tidiness on our properties.

we got you.

Esther was overall really happy with the tour and excited to sign her storage lease – they really needed a place to store the items while in the midst of a big move for their daughter! She thought it was so ironic that she’s driven past us on Dillingham Blvd so many times and that only now she’s signed her lease with us!

oahu self storage

Saving money on oahu self storage is fun

Here at Dillingham, our oahu self storage facility is more than just a facility. Our kind staff and supreme customer service make us a family. We always want to help out tenants when it comes to tips, advice or just saving money in general!

Makala was a storage tenant with us back in 2015 and had three units. She moved out at the end of the year and has recently returned to get her space back! Upon move in, the biggest size we had available was a 5x10x10, so we gave her 3 of those units. She took all three and came back another day expressing a need for a 4th unit.

Saving money is fun

Fortunately that same day, someone had moved out of their 10x15x10! Makala considered getting a smaller unit than that and just having 4 seperate units. However, because of our pricing system, we explained to her that she would be saving over $100 a month if she fit everything into one big unit instead of 4 separate units.

oahu self storage customers are happy campers

Makala was happy with the storage offer and called her nephews to help her move into the new unit. She was appreciative that we gave her this advice and compared the prices for her. She even mentioned to her friend, “they’re so good to me over there!” We love helping our tenants out, especially when it comes to saving money!

storage van

Happy storage van customers

If you’re looking for a storage van, our new Dilly Rentals are available.  Our Dilly Rentals are a recent addition but we’ve had a lot of success and happy customers with them. People have returned them with smiles on their faces and come back to rent them several times!

backup camera technology

Brandon rented our big cargo van for a full day from us. Upon returning the van he commented on how useful and helpful it was. It had the backup camera which makes it much easier to reverse into stalls and maneuver the van compared to our older vans.

brand new storage van

The vans are brand new so they are very clean inside. The vans also have nice interior technology that make for a more comfortable ride. It’s also a smooth ride, compared to what you might think of it! They also come equipped with exterior sensors that let you know when you’re getting close to something, so it’s a stress-free ride.

self storage facilities

new mural at the self storage facilities

Our self storage facilities recently got a new mural on the street-facing side of our building. We’ve been working on it for a while now and we’re so happy to say that it’s finally finished now! We’re hoping that the new mural can help direct lost customers who have trouble finding our print shop. Our print shop is inside our self storage building, so it may seem confusing to those that haven’t been here before!

our mascot

The mural features our Dilly rentals’ mascot, Woody. It’s also got signs on there representing the print shop, storage and rental components of our self storage facilities.

so happy with the mural!

One of our tenants who is a professional painter did the mural for us. He’s been working on it for months now and we’re so happy with the final result! It took a long time, a lot of planning and hard work to get to the finished product. He did it in pieces with attention to detail and accuracy. We’re so happy to have such talented tenants that can do these things for us. 

self storage facilities

dillingham self storage

Referring friends at dillingham self storage

Jessie’s mom had been at dillingham self storage for a few years – since 2013. She used her mom’s unit frequently so we saw her around quite a few times. Recently, she came in with her husband to look at units for their family.

dillingham self storage came out on top!

She had looked at two other facilities that were closer to home in the process, just for convenience. She wasn’t a fan of how dirty those facilities were and how unpleasant the staff was, so she came back to dillingham self storage. Even though it will be a longer drive, she said it’s definitely worth it. She wasn’t even sure why she went to look at other places anyway when she knows how much she loves storing with us!

referral discount

Shortly after looking at all of the unit sizes we have, they decided on one and are tenants themselves now. Her husband received a $50 referral discount as he was referred to by someone who was previously a tenant here!

thank you for bringing in new people

If your friends and family are looking for a storage unit and you are already a tenant at dillingham self storage – bring them in for a referral discount to get $50 off their first month’s rent! This is our way of saying thank you for referring us to your friends and family.

honolulu self storage

dillingham self storage for the holidays

“dillingham self storage filling up”

Our dillingham self storage units have been filling up now that it’s the holidays. We’ve noticed that several of our tenants have been in need of more space so several of them acquired a second unit with us.  This means that we’re filling up fast.

“self storage units to store Christmas decorations”

As of now, there are only a handful of spaces available.  If you’re in need of storage, call now to ask us about one.  It’s a great feeling to clean out your home to ring in the new year.  You may also need a space to store all of those extra Christmas decorations after the holidays are over!  

“great way to hide Christmas presents from keiki”

Storage units can also be a great way to hide Christmas presents from the keiki if you’re in need of a good hiding spot. Santa sometimes has a hard time figuring out a hiding spot because those keiki are getting really good at finding things!  In units, all the gifts are safe and hidden from potential discovery!


Need a storage van? We got you.

Alex was in need of a storage van and called on us to help him out.  He had been a tenant with us for almost 7 years until he moved into a warehouse space.  

“available for him that same day”

At the beginning of the month he had called us to see if we had a Dilly rental storage van available for him that same day.  We did!  He stopped by within an hour to pick it up and we were able to catch up with him when he was here.

“we’ll always be his first call”

He said we’ll always be his first call when it comes to storage vans, because he knows we’ll take good care of him! It was nice to see Alex and catch up, we like seeing how our tenants and clients are doing, even after they’ve left us!

“feel free to give us a call”

If you have questions about our storage vans, feel free to give us a call. If you’re in need of a storage van last minute, the only way you’ll find out is if you call us!  Like in Alex’s case, we were able to help him out the day he needed it.  

storage unit

Mike’s new storage unit

Michael has been looking to get a storage unit with us since he left us and has been on our wait list for quite some time.  When Michael moved out last year, he said goodbye to a unit size that’s very popular around here.  When he came back to us earlier this year to get another unit again, we weren’t able to get him the same one.  That’s why he’s been on our wait list for a while. 

“He didn’t want to go anywhere else”

He wanted a storage unit with us and didn’t want to go anywhere else so he was willing to stay on our wait list for a while.  At the beginning of this month, he came into our office to see if anything had opened up and we unfortunately had to tell him that the specific size he wanted was still unavailable.  However, we gave him a tour of our facilities and he realized that a few other units that we have were actually more suitable than the one he’s been waiting for!  

“happy with his new unit”

Michael is now a storage unit tenant with us again and is happy with his new unit.  Glad to have you back, Michael!  


Joe’s cargo van

Joe looked up car storage honolulu when he moved to Oahu from the Big Island and decided on us. Many of our past tenants and customers have written very sweet reviews of us on Yelp, so we come up first on there for “car storage honolulu.”

Moving into the new place

He had shipped his things through YB and rented a cargo van of ours to pick up his items at the port. He received a call that his container had arrived with all of his things so he was prepared to pick them up. But then we were surprised to see him return the van in less than an hour! Apparently none of his items were ready and he had to wait further for his items to arrive. We felt so bad for Joe because that’s so disappointing!

Customer service

We gave him a full refund for the van. After he told us what happened, we didn’t want to charge him for the van! He came back about a week later to rent a van out to go get his things for the port. Moving can be really stressful because things like this happen all the time. It’s normal.

Things don’t arrive when they’re supposed to. However, at Dillingham Self Storage we want to make it as least stressful as possible by helping out however we can. Customer service is our priority. If you’re looking for car storage honolulu on google, we’ve got you covered! 

dillingham self storage

Cary at CAS Crafts

Our facilities provide more than just printing and storage. We offer a mail service for tenants as well. For example, businesses and tenants can use our address to ship their items to, and we’ll receive it for them and hold onto it until they pick it up.

Cary with CAS Crafts

Cary is one of our tenants that utilizes our service. He’s been a tenant with us since late 2012. Cary owns CAS Crafts and sells at craft fairs around the island throughout the year. We accept boxes for him when he’s shipping in new items. We know that there’s a craft fair coming up when a new box comes in!

Thanks for the treats, Cary!

He’s so sweet. He always brings treats for us whenever he comes in to pick up his boxes! We tell him he doesn’t need to bring anything for us, but he still brings us goodies anyway. It’s so sweet to have tenants like Cary who bring us goodies. A few times he forgot to bring us goodies so he came back a second time, after he had already picked up his package, to bring us something! We love helping our customers, especially the ones who feed us!