uhaul customers love Dilly

We’ve got our own fleet – the Dilly Rentals!

Nancy asked about our uhaul vehicles a few weeks ago, but we had to remind her that we are not a uhaul dealer anymore. We’ve got our own fleet now – the Dilly Rentals!

instead of renting a car, rent a dilly van

Nancy’s son’s car was in the shop for a day, so they were going to get a rental car just to be able to get around town and go to work for that day. However, someone gave her the idea of renting a uhaul vehicle because it would probably be cheaper. This is why Nancy called us inquiring about our uhaul vehicles, because she had remembered seeing them on our lot a while back.

she stopped by the same day she called us!

We gave her the rates for our cargo vans and she reserved one over the phone and picked it up that day! After returning the van the following day, Nancy commented how happy and relieved she was that she used one of our vans! Nancy didn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money just for a rental car for one day, our cargo vans were actually cheaper!

Our prime location also helped her. She didn’t rack up too many miles because we are central to a lot of places. Nancy left as a happy camper with a bill cheaper than $50!

storage unit

Storage unit discounts

A new storage unit can qualify for a discount if a friend referred you to store with us!

Clarke’s new storage unit

Clarke recently got a storage unit with us. He initially said “no” to our units because we didn’t have the available size he wanted. However, he came back a few days later to go with the unit we had available.

The next month, his daughter stopped by our office to cash in her refer-a-friend discount because she referred her dad. However, silly Clarke thought only his daughter would get the discount so he forgot to mention her name when he signed his storage lease! Clarke was just joking because he forgot that we give the discount to the old and new tenants in the referral.

referral discount for friends!

We applied the newfound referral discount to Clarke’s new unit and his daughter’s next month’s rent. Clarke said he’s going to try and refer someone new every month to get a discount now!

The refer-a-friend discount is $50 off your new month’s rent, for each tenant, the new and the old!

uhaul customers love Dilly

Dilly rental vans

A storage rental can come in the form of a truck or van, not just an empty room in a building. Our new Dilly rental vans come in many different sizes and have been doing great every since we introduced our fleet to the Dillingham family! People have been loving our new vans.

Mark at Bamboo Flooring

We recently had a customer, Mark, reserve our 10’ transit van. Mark owns Bamboo Flooring Hawaii and needed the van to transport some of his supplies. This business specializes in bamboo flooring. Mark utilized our van to pick up and deliver supplies to customer. He was so happy with the service and price that he paid that he asked if we could keep some of his information on file for future reservations. Whenever someone rents our vans, we make a copy of their license and insurance so Mark asked for us to keep this all on file. We also took his credit card information down so the next time he rents one of our vans, the reservation and payment process will be much faster. The funny part of all this is that he thought we were still a uhaul dealer and that’s how he found us, but our Dilly vans did the job for him!

storage unit

Jamie’s storage unit at Dillingham

storage unit tours

Jamie came in looking for a storage unit a few days ago with her aunt. She was looking for a small unit just to put some of her things in, so we gave her a tour of our facilities. We give potential tenants a tour of our facilities so they know what they’re going to be paying for and make sure that we are able to give them everything that they need. She wasn’t sure of her final decision so we gave her some time to think about it.

Thanks Jamie!

A few days later she returned, eager to sign her lease for the storage unit. Jamie was also such a sweetheart and brought a pair of leggings for everyone in the office! The company she got leggings from is called “lularoe” and makes very cute, customized leggings. Jamie said that she was so pleased with her tour and was so happy with how nice our staff was that she wanted to sign her lease with us and bring us a gift at the same time! Thank you Jamie for the leggings, and welcome to the Dillingham ohana!

Kayak self storage facilities

Our self storage facilities offer more than just big vacant rooms for you to store your belongings in. We also offer outdoor kayak storage specifically built for kayaks to be stored in. The kayak area is inside of the security gate but outside of the building, so our kayak tenants have 24 hour access to their area. Our kayak storage area is typically never vacant and we’re almost always at maximum capacity. Kayaks are pretty popular in Hawaii given it’s summer weather year-round so people are always out on the water, and having toys on the water is more fun than not having any. So, people are always looking for a place to store their kayaks, especially for kayak-owners who live in apartments with little to no storage space.

kayak vacancies

We recently had a few kayak spaces become vacant. In fact, we had 3 spaces free up in the last month. Those tenants either sold their kayaks or moved into bigger homes with room to store the kayaks. Each individual kayak slot charges $45/month, including 24-hour access and a safe slot to store your toy! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our kayak storage.

storage facility

Customer service at the storage facility

A trait that makes us the best storage facility on the island is the fact that we really value our customers and work hard to deliver excellent customer service. It’s important to us that we remember everyone’s names and are always friendly and approachable. We want people to know that if they have any questions, they can come to us for help and answers.

Our tenant, Sherry

One of our storage tenants who has been with us for a while now, Sherry, loves the fact that we remember her name. She has been with us since February of 2016 and the last time she stopped by she commented how much she appreciates our customer service, and that it’s one of the reasons why she keeps coming back to us! The prior storage facility she was at (for 9 years!,) didn’t remember her name and was rude upon her move out. Her overall experience there was very unpleasant but she’s very happy that she’s with us now, and we’re also happy to have her! We love ya Sherry, can’t wait to see ya the next time you stop by!

Our storage facility is friendly!

We believe that customer service is what will keep a customer coming back for more, and that’s why we value it so much and work hard to deliver the best customer service there is in town!

uhaul customers love Dilly

Moving furniture this summer?

If you’re moving homes this summer and need to move around some of your furniture storage, one of our big Dilly Rental vans can definitely come in handy. Some of our biggest vans are almost at 10’ and have the latest technology like a reverse camera on the rear view mirror!

Dan with Walgreens

One of our recent customers, Dan, called to rent out our 10’ van. When he came in to pick up the vehicle on a Saturday, we were talking story with him and found out that he works for Walgreens which holds an annual “Red Nose picnic” for the employees and their families to attend. Dan was in charge of moving tables and chairs for the big event that was going to be held at Kapiolani Park. After the event he thanked us for the van that evening and commented that he was so glad he reserved and rented the bigger van so that he only had to make 1 trip for the event instead of several trips throughout the day! Dan also appreciated the reverse camera and the fact that it was a newer model, it made the experience that much easier and enjoyable!

Our Dilly rental vans are very easy to drive even for people who aren’t used to driving such big vehicles!

Dilly Rentals for Uniforms Hawaii

Clients that use our u haul rentals from us are still with us even though we don’t have u haul anymore! Now that we have our own Dilly Rental vans, some of our prior clients like Uniforms Hawaii, are still renting from us.

Been with us since our u haul rentals

Uniforms Hawaii is a major uniform supplier for several groups, such as the Honolulu Police Department, and the fire department, and also some hospital nurses. They’ve been with us for a while and we’re really happy to have them! They rent our vans on a regular basis and typically use them to transport uniforms. We allow them access to our entry and exit gates so they can park the van behind our gates if they needed to hold uniforms overnight.

We love Uniforms Hawaii!

This is Dilly Rentals’ way of feeling like we have a hand in helping the needs of people like HPD, HFD and our nurses! We’re also happy that people are still liking our rental vans, given that we recently introduced our own line of rentals and no longer are with u haul. If you’ve got any questions about rentals or need help moving this summer, give us a ring here at Dillingham!


Storage spotlight: Kevin

We’d like to show some spotlight on our long-time storage tenant Kevin who has been with us since 2014. He’s always had an internal unit inside of our building but has been hoping to get an outside external-unit for a while now. We were finally able to get him that recently just this year and he was so happy he claims he’ll never leave us now!

Kevin at Pacific Rim Tile & Stone

Kevin utilizes his external unit as warehouse space while his internal unit is an office space for his workers. He owns a flooring company by the name of Pacific Rim Tile & Stone. He’s a really great guy to talk to and often times will stop by the office just to talk story, say hi to us and crack funny jokes. We found out that he’ll be traveling to California soon to compete in a marathon there and hopes to one day be running in the Boston Marathon.

Storage tenants talk story

We love hearing stories from our tenants about their personal lives and accomplishments, it’s a nice feeling that they feel happy about sharing their lives with us and letting us know what’s new!   

self storage

Marathon-running self storage tenants

We pride ourselves in having close friendships with our self storage tenants, and we’re always talking story with them when they stop by. Top-quality customer service is something we strive to practice every day, and being personal and friendly with our self storage tenants (and print shop customers!) is one of our top priorities.

Tony and Kevin

Like we said, we love talking story with our tenants and clients. In fact, our FedEx driver and one of our storage tenants recently completed marathons in Honolulu. Tony and his wife completed the Hapalua marathon, the same marathon that our tenant Kevin, also completed. The two of them coincidentally visited the office at the same time and they both talked about their experiences and how much fun they each had running the marathon. It was so cool to hear about the fun they had and how much they each enjoyed themselves. Although we don’t like running all that much, it was nice to see our customers become friends over a common sport they both like!  

A self storage ohana

Dillingham Self Storage is more than just a storage facility, it’s a place for people to connect with others and make friends!