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Great Year for Self Storage Customers

We love our self storage customers. We have met so many new tenants this year in addition to getting to know some of our longtime storage customers. We have also met new print shop customers, especially with the increase in social activities and gatherings this year. We have seen the increase in parties and gatherings with all of the printed invitations and announcements. It is so wonderful to see people returning to some level of normal life after years of the pandemic. We love printing programs for local concerts and events! It is great to see people renting trucks to host holiday parties, graduation parties and other family events. We know that people are in the party season when our van rentals are all out. 

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Self Storage Changes This Year

We have had many new changes, renovations and exciting initiatives here at Dillingham all year long. We are very thankful to our loyal customers as well as our recent new tenants. As the year closes, we would like to thank all of our storage, print shop and van rental customers. We hope to have another amazing year together in 2023 with our self storage family!


We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and van rentals.

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Dillingham Self Storage Renovations

Dillingham Self Storage recently implemented renovations to keep our facility in the best shape! We are so appreciative of our patient customers. As part of our renovations, we closed parts of our lobby for a week in order to install new flooring. In addition to these renovations, there was extensive road work and repairs on Dillingham Boulevard right in front of our facility.

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Thankful for Our Patient Customers

We sent out notices to all of our customers to let them know about the facility renovations. We are thankful to the Dillingham Self Storage customers that had to face the road work and congestion on Dillingham Boulevard as well as our lobby reservations. Please stop by to check out our new and improved Lobby flooring. If you love it as much as we do, give Patrick a call with Triton Concrete Coatings. We are so happy with their high-quality work, we highly recommend Patrick!


We love doing renovations that improve our storage facility for all of our customers. The front lobby is a place for us to meet new customers and talk to old ones, so we value a high quality meeting space. 

We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and van rentals.

Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have been wonderful for Dillingham Self Storage. We love it when customers leave kind reviews. They can be incredibly helpful, especially for a small, local business. Yelp and Google reviews have been so wonderful that they bring in new customers. During the pandemic, when many customers were understandably concerned about cleanliness and hygiene, we relied on customer reviews to spread the word about our cleaning policies. We want people to know our business priorities so they feel comfortable coming in! Customer reviews also do a great job at publicizing our high quality customer service. We strive to deliver the best service across all our business services, and the wonderful reviews are evidence of that. We appreciate customers who take the time to leave a kind review!

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Dillingham Self Storage for Tammy

Tammy is one of those new customers. Tammy initially came in for a storage unit. She wants a unit to assist in her move. Storage units can be very helpful for big moves, such as this one. Moving into new homes can be stressful and require a lot of physical labor. A storage unit can help out in the process if you need a place for safekeeping items while in between homes. Tammy searched far and wide for a reliable storage unit facility until she found Dillingham Self Storage. Tammy saw our stellar reviews and she knew at that moment that she had to stop by! She did her rounds of checking out facilities on a Saturday and we were one of her stops. Tammy mentioned that our high quality customer service matched the high quality reviews we receive on Google and Yelp. She signed a lease with us for a unit that day. We’re happy to have Tammy with us!


We also offer other services on property, such as print services and van rentals


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Dillingham Storage and Truck Rental Customers

We love it when Dillingham Storage customers with van rentals come back for storage units. Our services complement each other. Van rentals are helpful for moving and storage units are great for storing important items while moving in between places. We know that moving can be stressful, and that’s why we love to offer these complementing services. It can be helpful to get several services from one place. We offer a variety of storage units and truck rentals to fit all of your needs and services. If you are doing a big move, you have the option of renting a larger unit and larger box truck to accomodate your needs. We also offer smaller units and trucks for minor moving needs that do not require as much space. The medium sized units are typically the most popular and are in high demand during the busy seasons. Although we offer many sized units, there are only some that are available at certain times due to fluctuations in demand.   

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Dillingham Storage for Ronny

Ronny is one of those Dillingham Storage customers that came back for more. She initially came in for a truck rental years ago, and then recently came back for a truck rental. While she was here, she loved our customer service so much that she decided to also rent a storage unit from us. She was not planning on renting a unit from us because she already has one at another storage facility. However, she was so happy with our service that she decided to rent a unit from us. She is in the midst of a big move to a new home and is happy to be storing with us now! We are also happy to have Ronny on the team!


We also offer other services on property, such as print services and van rentals

Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage is Best of the Best

Dillingham Self Storage is so excited to announce that we have recently been named the best self storage facility in Honolulu Star Advertiser’s 2022 consumer ratings! These ratings are subject to local polls, and we are so happy and proud of the results. We want to thank everyone that voted for us. We especially want to thank our loyal customers who have been with us over the years. Thank you for sticking with us, even during hard times. Our storage ohana has grown significantly over the years and we are so grateful to have you all with us. The Best of the Best rating for 2022 shows us that we are doing something right in keeping our tenants happy! These ratings really help local businesses stand out, especially with the difficulties of the last two years. 


The Best of the Best ratings are carried out every year. We have been grateful to win in the top 3 ratings for the last few years. We are elated that we are #1 this year!

Dillingham Self Storage Staff

We are also very thankful for the dedicated staff on hand to support our operations. Without them, we would be nothing. There have been significant changes over the years, especially with the uncertainty of the pandemic. They have been with us through it all. They are the reason why we can change policies and still maintain our smooth operations! The Best of the Best rating for 2022 is really a representation of our dedicated, high quality staff. 

Dillingham Self Storage

We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and truck rentals

Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage Policies

Dillingham Self Storage is making the decision to reinstate late fees and lockouts, effective September 1st, 2022. During the public emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic, we waived late fees and potential lockouts in the case of unpaid rent. We were happy to temporarily remove these policies for the last two years given the fact that the pandemic induced financial insecurity and stress for many of our tenants. We did not want to put an added burden or lose tenants during that time of uncertainty due to financial reasons. Our goal is not to lose tenants! However, given the return to normal business operations, we are confident that we can implement these policies without harming tenants. 

New Policies at Dillingham Self Storage

However, in light of recent openings and relaxation of covid constraints, we are deciding to reinstate these policies. We have been communicating with current tenants about this policy change via letters, notices and phone calls. Although we are excited to be back in business with very relaxed covid constraints, we also need to return these procedures to our operations that were lifted because of the pandemic. 


We are proud that we are one of the last storage facilities to reinstate these policies in bringing back late fees, and we’re thankful for our Dillingham Self Storage tenants who have been loyal to us over the last two years! It has not been an easy decision to reinstate these old policies. 


We also offer other services on property, such as printing services and truck rentals


Dillingham Self Storage

Self Storage Units in Peak Demand

The self storage units here at Dillingham are in high demand. There are times when we only offer a few sizes because most of our units are occupied. Typically when this occurs, we can only offer the large units to new tenants. This is because the small and medium-sized units are usually sold out. The smaller units are typically more popular compared to the larger units.

Self Storage Units and Good Customer Service

Paulina was one of those new tenants that needed a unit during our peak summer season. She was in need of a small unit just to store a few valuable items while her home was under renovation. At the time, we could only tour a large unit for her. She was interested in a smaller unit because she did not have that many items that needed to be in storage. Although we try our best to offer customers the best fit, sometimes we are unable to do that, especially in peak season. We gave her a few recommendations for nearby storage facilities because we don’t like to see customers spend money on an expensive large unit that they do not need. Paulina returned after 2 hours and said she loved our service so much that she wanted a large unit with us! We were surprised but Paulina preferred a facility with quality customer service, which is exactly what we offer! We were so delighted when Paulina came back to sign a lease for a large unit with us. 


We also offer other services on property in addition to self storage, such as Dilly Van Rentals and printing services.

Dillingham Self Storage

Storage Units for Businesses

We love working with our business customers. Businesses are always in need of storage units, especially when they are looking to expand operations. Monthly storage units can be incredibly cost-effective compared to renting retail space. Storage is also great for reserving supplies and inventory that do not need to be customer front-facing. Our units also offer great security benefits that sometimes exceed those of common retail spaces. For example, we have security cameras in addition to numerous security checkpoints to enter your unit. This is far more than the common glass-covered retail storefronts. 

Storage Units for Advocacy Four Inc.

Advocacy Four Inc. is a digital media group from Kaua’i. They are offering summer programs for middle school students at Hawaii Community College this summer. They stopped by one day interested in a storage unit to safely store their technology equipment. Their initial plan was to only offer summer sessions. However, they are expanding and looking to offer sessions in the fall as well. This storage unit would be a great asset in preventing them from having to transport equipment from Kaua’i to O’ahu in between sessions. We are like their home away from home! 


We also offer other services on property, like printing and van rentals.


Charles’ New Storage Unit

We maintain high standards of cleanliness for our storage units. We know how much our tenants love having clean, secure areas to store their items. Every time new customers are given a tour of our facilities, we always receive kind comments about our clean storage units. These remarks are highly valued by our stuff who invest time and effort in making our facilities shine!

Storage Units for Coworkers

Charles was looking for a unit with us recently. We only had large sizes available at the time. Although he was not looking for a large unit, this actually worked out in his favor. His plan was to share a large unit with his coworker since the company was covering the bill for the unit. Charles and his worker were recently at a big chain storage facility. They had been there for a while. They both toured our facility and were very impressed with our cleanliness and competitive pricing. As a small locally owned business, we compete with big chain storage companies in addition to small local businesses. We love it when customers can appreciate what we have to offer.  


We also offer other services on property, like printing services and van rentals.

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Dillingham Self Storage for Kayak Storage

Dillingham Self Storage has recently received more calls for kayak storage. Last year, there were two fires at the popular Waikiki surfboard storage areas. We are assuming that the increase in demand for kayak storage stems from these unfortunate circumstances. Given the recent uptick in demand along with the hot summer months, we have not had much vacancy in our kayak storage areas.

Dillingham Self Storage Wait List

We encourage any potential kayak or surfboard storage tenants to give us your contact information and get on our wait list. The wait list here at Dillingham Self Storage is a great way for us to immediately get in contact with you when a spot opens. We had a customer who was so excited when we were finally able to call him and get him off the wait list. He came in to the office immediately to do the paperwork and get his auto payments set up. He was waiting to buy a new board until he knew that he would have storage space with us! We love hearing customer stories like this. Convenient and reliable storage can really open opportunities for people!


We also offer other services on property, like printing services and van rentals.