self storage

Storage Units for Businesses

We love working with our business customers. Businesses are always in need of storage units, especially when they are looking to expand operations. Monthly storage units can be incredibly cost-effective compared to renting retail space. Storage is also great for reserving supplies and inventory that do not need to be customer front-facing. Our units also offer great security benefits that sometimes exceed those of common retail spaces. For example, we have security cameras in addition to numerous security checkpoints to enter your unit. This is far more than the common glass-covered retail storefronts. 

Storage Units for Advocacy Four Inc.

Advocacy Four Inc. is a digital media group from Kaua’i. They are offering summer programs for middle school students at Hawaii Community College this summer. They stopped by one day interested in a storage unit to safely store their technology equipment. Their initial plan was to only offer summer sessions. However, they are expanding and looking to offer sessions in the fall as well. This storage unit would be a great asset in preventing them from having to transport equipment from Kaua’i to O’ahu in between sessions. We are like their home away from home! 


We also offer other services on property, like printing and van rentals.