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Dillingham Storage and Jane

Dillingham Storage prioritizes customer service. We want people to feel welcomed when they walk in, even with all of the restrictions in place. When customers are interested in becoming committed tenants, we give a comprehensive facility tour. Tours are important to help customers make the right decision. We want to make sure that we can offer them what they’re looking for. This is one of the reasons why we have gotten such great Yelp reviews in previous years. 

Customer Service at Dillingham Storage

Jane recently came in to check out our available units and get a tour of Dillingham storage. We learned that she was a tenant at another facility but new management was problematic for her. She did not like the service that she was getting with staff at the facility. Here at Dillingham, we prioritize customer service and are known for our friendly staff. The Dillingham ohana prioritizes the connections that we have with tenants, no matter how long they have been with us! As soon as we were done with the tour, Jane wanted to sign paperwork with us. Jane was moved in within a week. We are so happy to have her here! The Dilly Ohana loves growing, especially with new tenants. 


Dillingham Self Storage offers other services like printing and van rentals. Check out our other sites for more information. All services are conveniently offered on property.

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Storage Units and Building Upgrades

We keep our storage units up to date, along with the rest of our facility. Pest Tech stopped by recently to sanitize our building. They do a great job with making sure they get each corner and square inch of the facility. Ever since COVID-19, we have invested time and effort to keep our facility in the best quality. Check out our other blog post for what services Pest Tech does for us. We are so happy to have them helping our team! 

Fresh Paint Job

Dillingham Self Storage also recently got a new paint job touch up. Honowai Painting stopped by and gave the entire building a new coat. They covered our front office and each floor! We highly recommend Honowai, it feels like we are in a new home now. A fresh coat of paint can do so much for the look and feel of a building. The building looks fresh and new now. 

Storage Units get New Carts

We have also upgraded our moving carts for tenants. These come in handy when moving items in and out of your storage unit. These new carts are easy to use and have smooth handling when transporting items from your car to storage units. We are so excited about these carts, and we hope our tenants are just as excited for these! 


Dillingham Self Storage offers other services like printing and van rentals. Check out our other sites for more information. All services are conveniently offered on property.

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Dillingham Self Storage Yelp Reviews

Dillingham Self Storage has recently received some wonderful reviews from our customers. We are grateful to have past and current tenants that are thoughtful and leave kind reviews. We have even won awards from Yelp for our kind reviews. During a time like this, local businesses thrive on positive customer reviews. If you want to support a local business without spending money, write a good review! We want others to know that we prioritize cleanliness and COVID-19 guidelines. Safety and security are our two main priorities. Customer service is second. Dillingham Self Storage is happy to see that these values are shining through in reviews.  

Happy Customer Reviews for Dillingham Self Storage

Adam G. on Yelp in May 2020 said: “If you need storage or truck rental this is the place to go with amazing staff and a very clean facility.”


Miki Lee on Google Reviews a month ago said: “Five stars. No question. Excellent service, clean, organized and efficient.  Tiare and Kim answered every question I had with patience and professionalism.”


Leimomi K. on Yelp in April 2020 said: “Thank you so much to you all for your ALOHA during this covidcation lockdown.”


We are so grateful to have such kind and thoughtful customers who take their time to leave a review!


We also offer other services on property, like moving van rentals and printing services

Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage and Pest Tech

Dillingham Self Storage prioritizes our sanitation and cleaning routines. We invest in daily cleaning routines for the safety of our employees and tenants. In addition to our rigorous routines, we also limit the use of public items such as the computers in the lobby. We also limit the number of customers that are allowed in the lobby at once time. Check out our other COVID-19 rules here

Commercial Sanitization

Pest Tech Services has been a huge help in these cleaning adjustments. We utilize their commercial sanitization services for our office, showroom, lobby and aisle walkways. We started off the new year by disinfecting the entire building using Pest Tech Services. They stop by regularly for a period disinfection. We recommend Pest Tech Services to other businesses in need of commercial cleaning! 

Dillingham Self Storage Accepts Payment Online

At this time, we are encouraging customers to make payments online or by phone. However, we are also available to take payments in person. Dillingham Self Storage’s new office hours are Monday-Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 12-5. Restrooms are still open only during office hours. Masks are required at all times on property. We are also reminding people to please stay home if you are sick or showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19!  


We also offer other services on property, like moving van rentals and printing services.