Dillingham Self Storage

Long Term Storage Tenants

Gary has been a storage tenant with us for 8 years. We love having Gary around and he is always talking story with us in the office. We have some tenants like Gary who stick around for a while and we love building customer relations with them!  

Storage Tenant Move Out

Gary recently came into our office to let us know that he will be moving into a new storage facility that is closer to his new home. We are sad to see him leave, especially because we have known him for so long! We understand that it is more convenient to have your belongings closer to your home for easy access, but still sad to see him go. 

Customer Satisfaction is a Priority

He emphasized that he is sad to leave us and mentioned that other facilities could not compete with our clean and safe storage units. We were happy to hear this as customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are always sad to see our long term tenants leave but happy to know that they were satisfied with what they had while they were here. We put a lot of work into making sure the facilities are clean and we’re glad that it shows!

We also have loyal customers for our other services like our print shop and dilly van rentals.

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Dillingham Self Storage

Dillingham Self Storage Best of the Best

Our Dillingham Self Storage has done it again! We were listed in Hawaii’s 2019 Best of the Best for best storage places again. Mahalo to everyone who voted us in this year’s competition, we are so grateful and appreciative of your support. We came in 2nd place again this year. The first place winner is a storage company with multiple locations around the island. We are so proud of our single Dillingham location for measuring up against these big companies. Congratulations to all the other storage businesses who placed in this year’s Best of the Best.

We have consistently placed on the list for Best of the Best in the last few years. We are so happy and proud of our ohana here at Dillingham Self Storage. It is an honor holding this 2nd place title and we will work to place again next year!

Thank you to everyone for voting and participating. We are so grateful for all the love and support. It is so awesome to know that our tenants and customers are happy with the services offered. That’s our priority! Mahalo!

Although our storage place won a Best of the Best award, we also offer other services like van rentals and print shop services.