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Popular Storage Unit Sizes Have Wait Lists

The most popular storage unit at Dillingham Self Storage is a 10×10.  These are always in demand, regardless of the time of year. So, new tenants looking to move into a unit may have to be on a wait list if they want a 10×10.

10 x 10 is a Popular Size

Tammy and her store stopped by one to check out our available sizes.  They were in the process of moving and needed a unit, like most people, to store their belongings while in between homes. We gave them a tour of the facility, per the usual process for prospective tenants.  At the time, we didn’t have the 10×10 size they wanted, so they left their information with us and we put them on the wait list. We were open with her and let her know how popular these units are, so she may be on the wait list for awhile.  So, Tammy and her sister went to tour other storage facilities to hopefully find one with availability.

Safety is the Priority

They came back a few hours later in the afternoon to take one of our bigger units, because they were so happy with the Dillingham Self Storage facility! Even though it wasn’t the exact size they wanted, they prioritized safety and found our facilities to be very secure.  

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Clean Storage Unit

It’s important for your storage unit to be safe and clean, especially if you’re renovating your home.  The last thing you need to worry about is your personal items being at risk of theft or damage!

Size Availability

Adele has been a storage tenant with us since 2014.  Towards the end of January, she called to see if we had any 10x10s available for her daughter Kiana.  Kiana was renovating her home and needed to keep her items out of the way of construction dust and did not have room in her home to store them.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the size she requested at the time she called. Because the new year is a busy time for us, your requested size isn’t always guaranteed to be available.  

Kiana Returns!

Kiana called back a few weeks later and we still didn’t have the size she was interested in. However, we had a larger unit open instead. She came in to look at it and was willing to pay the extra money for a larger space.  She knew our standard of cleanliness and security so she was willing to pay the extra money for a larger space because it was here at Dillingham Self Storage.

Safe and Sound

Kiana’s unit was on the same floor as her mom’s which was convenient.  Although her home renovation was only going to be a few months, she was glad to know that her belongings were safe and sound here at Dillingham Self Storage.  It’s worth it to pay the extra money for security.

storage security system

Storage Security System

Our storage security system includes a night guard, 24 hour surveillance cameras and attentive tenants.  We would like to remind people that the facility access hours are 6am-9pm 7 days a week. The only units capable of 24 hour access are the drive up units and kayak storage tenants as those units are not inside the facility.  Those units are access from the exterior of the building, however are still barred behind our gates.

After- Hours Security Guard

We have an after hour security guard that is on site beginning at 9pm each night and that individual will remind those who are still there that it is time to go, for those tenants with interior units.  

Drive-Up Storage Unit Access

Exterior drive up units with 24 hour access can be helpful for those who need access to their unit at all times.  For example, those coming back from a late beach day and need to put their kayaks or gear away after 9pm on a regular basis, then those units would be of value to these type of customers.  

Dillingham Self Storage

New Tenants at Dillingham

Our self storage facilities have been very busy this new year!  We’re excited to welcome all of our new tenants and also those who are signing additional leases with us for extra space. We love new additions to our storage ‘Ohana and we’re happy to help people who are moving into new homes this 2019. These past few months we have had many current tenants sign leases for new units and several referrals for new people to the facility.  

Referral Discount

We just want to remind all of our newcomers that there is a $50 refer a friend discount!  As long as the person who refers someone is still a current tenant, that person and the new tenant will both receive a $50 discount towards their next month’s rent.  We are still really full in capacity at the moment but at the end of each month, we typically have a few move outs, and that tends to open some units. However, those do fill quickly.  We encourage people to check back for new units or put their name on our waitlist and we can give them a call when a new unit opens! Dillingham Self Storage loves welcoming new people.