Kayak self storage facilities

Our self storage facilities offer more than just big vacant rooms for you to store your belongings in. We also offer outdoor kayak storage specifically built for kayaks to be stored in. The kayak area is inside of the security gate but outside of the building, so our kayak tenants have 24 hour access to their area. Our kayak storage area is typically never vacant and we’re almost always at maximum capacity. Kayaks are pretty popular in Hawaii given it’s summer weather year-round so people are always out on the water, and having toys on the water is more fun than not having any. So, people are always looking for a place to store their kayaks, especially for kayak-owners who live in apartments with little to no storage space.

kayak vacancies

We recently had a few kayak spaces become vacant. In fact, we had 3 spaces free up in the last month. Those tenants either sold their kayaks or moved into bigger homes with room to store the kayaks. Each individual kayak slot charges $45/month, including 24-hour access and a safe slot to store your toy! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our kayak storage.

storage facility

Customer service at the storage facility

A trait that makes us the best storage facility on the island is the fact that we really value our customers and work hard to deliver excellent customer service. It’s important to us that we remember everyone’s names and are always friendly and approachable. We want people to know that if they have any questions, they can come to us for help and answers.

Our tenant, Sherry

One of our storage tenants who has been with us for a while now, Sherry, loves the fact that we remember her name. She has been with us since February of 2016 and the last time she stopped by she commented how much she appreciates our customer service, and that it’s one of the reasons why she keeps coming back to us! The prior storage facility she was at (for 9 years!,) didn’t remember her name and was rude upon her move out. Her overall experience there was very unpleasant but she’s very happy that she’s with us now, and we’re also happy to have her! We love ya Sherry, can’t wait to see ya the next time you stop by!

Our storage facility is friendly!

We believe that customer service is what will keep a customer coming back for more, and that’s why we value it so much and work hard to deliver the best customer service there is in town!


Storage spotlight: Kevin

We’d like to show some spotlight on our long-time storage tenant Kevin who has been with us since 2014. He’s always had an internal unit inside of our building but has been hoping to get an outside external-unit for a while now. We were finally able to get him that recently just this year and he was so happy he claims he’ll never leave us now!

Kevin at Pacific Rim Tile & Stone

Kevin utilizes his external unit as warehouse space while his internal unit is an office space for his workers. He owns a flooring company by the name of Pacific Rim Tile & Stone. He’s a really great guy to talk to and often times will stop by the office just to talk story, say hi to us and crack funny jokes. We found out that he’ll be traveling to California soon to compete in a marathon there and hopes to one day be running in the Boston Marathon.

Storage tenants talk story

We love hearing stories from our tenants about their personal lives and accomplishments, it’s a nice feeling that they feel happy about sharing their lives with us and letting us know what’s new!   

Dillingham storage

Marathon-running self storage tenants

We pride ourselves in having close friendships with our self storage tenants, and we’re always talking story with them when they stop by. Top-quality customer service is something we strive to practice every day, and being personal and friendly with our self storage tenants (and print shop customers!) is one of our top priorities.

Tony and Kevin

Like we said, we love talking story with our tenants and clients. In fact, our FedEx driver and one of our storage tenants recently completed marathons in Honolulu. Tony and his wife completed the Hapalua marathon, the same marathon that our tenant Kevin, also completed. The two of them coincidentally visited the office at the same time and they both talked about their experiences and how much fun they each had running the marathon. It was so cool to hear about the fun they had and how much they each enjoyed themselves. Although we don’t like running all that much, it was nice to see our customers become friends over a common sport they both like!  

A self storage ohana

Dillingham Self Storage is more than just a storage facility, it’s a place for people to connect with others and make friends!

storage units

Robert with the trendy toys

A long-time customer of ours who’s had storage units with us ever since 2014 sells cool toys and trendy items. We’d like to recognize him in this blog post of ours.

Robert’s business

Robert is the owner of Paraholder LLC and has a few storage units with us. He orders the latest trendy toys and sells them as part of his business. His storage units are very helpful for storing his orders and items before selling them. You can typically find Robert at the swap meet selling his toys. As a storage tenant, he also takes advantage of our mail receival service so we usually receive several boxes and mail for him. Robert sold kendamas back when they were popular and even a few hydroflasks. His latest and greatest items are the fidget spinners, which have seriously grown in popularity over the past few months. If you’re in need of any of these, stop by the swap meet at Robert’s booth, he’s always ordering new items and toys.

We love small businesses!

If you’re in need of storage units to help grow your business, stop by and talk to us! We love hosting small businesses, and we also love hearing about your business growing, not to mention we love businesses that bring us new toys!

Dillingham Storage

Questions about print services?

Inquiries for print services

If you’re interested in our print services, storage units or Dilly Rentals, shoot us an email because we’re pretty fast at responding and can give you a quote via email! This can be very helpful for people who are shopping around for storage units and need a fast response or want to do their research from the comfort of their home.

We’re fast at emailing

We have information about all of our services on our website but if you have a question about something specific, don’t be scared to email us, that’s what we’re here for!

We also have a new email address for our print shop: Print@DillyPrintShop.com, which has recently been updated to reflect on our website.

Our Dilly ohana takes pride in our quick email response times, so please take advantage of that and email us any and all questions you might have!

Customer service is our priority

We’ve recently been getting an overflow of customers coming from another storage facility (who we will not name,) complaining about receiving bad customer service and an overall terrible experience.

For example, we had a customer complain about how he was charged several fees in addition to his storage rent because his credit card had been declined for a payment. Apparently he unknowingly had fraud occur on his credit card so the card was declined for payment, but the storage facility never notified him and he was charged several late fees because of it.

We want our customers to rest assured that if this ever happened to them, we would most definitely let them know immediately so that they wouldn’t be charged these fees! Dillingham Self Storage strives to provide top tier customer service as it is our #1 priority, we provide courtesy calls to customers when their payment is declined especially if their record with us has been exceptionally on-time payments.

Other customers have also complained that this storage facility implemented new policies without notifying their tenants which became a nuisance after numerous times. If we ever implemented new policies we would provide top-tier customer service with answering your questions and would also notify you long before we enact the new changes!

Thank you, Chad!

A storage customer of ours recently proved himself very helpful and pretty much just amazing when he helped us with a facility emergency!

Chad at Kawamoto Plumbing and Repair

Chad started as a print shop customer but then needed storage space for his business, Kawamoto’s Plumbing and Repair. We initially were able to get him into a 10×10 unit on the 4th floor of our building but later on in the year transferred him to an outside drive-up unit that made it much easier for him to transport his materials. The outside units also have 24 hour access which is great for business owners. Chad is such a great storage client, he’s so nice and makes it really easy to work with him!

What would we do without you!

So, recently we had a bathroom emergency with our facility on a day when the offices were closed (Sundays,) because our guest bathroom had apparently overflowed. We tried fixing the issue ourselves but after half an hour of trying, nothing was working. Luckily, Chad came to the rescue and was there within 10 minutes to help us! Chad even did it free of charge for us! Chad even replaced a valve for the same toilet a few weeks later! The Dillingham Self Storage team wants to thank you so much chad!

hawaii storage

Dillingham Storage for Surfrider Spirit

Dillingham storage is a big sponsor of Surfrider Spirit, a program that helps at-risk youth by teaching them how to surf. Their mission, “We match at-risk youth with surf mentors and use surfing as a metaphor for how they can live better lives,” explains how they help these teens live a healthier life both physically and psychologically. It’s a great program and we love sponsoring it. This year we had some of our close storage ohana go out to represent Dillingham Storage at their recent event. In late February they hosted their 4th annual golf tournament, so Bert and Jebsco, two of our tenants, represented us along with some of their employees. They came back sharing stories of how much they had enjoyed themselves and how much fun they had, which was awesome to hear!

We love sponsoring Surfrider Spirit because we believe in the work that they do for at-risk kids. At Dillingham Storage we are fond of programs who do good for the community! One of the ways we show our support for organizations such as Surfrider Spirit is by sponsoring their events and sending some representatives from Dillingham Storage!    

Secure storage facilities

Our facilities have 24/7 security coverage. We mentioned this in a post a few weeks ago, but recently, our security cameras came in handy when HPD stopped by.

Officer Higa

Officer Higa with HPD came into our office a little while ago asking about one of our security cameras near the back of the building that faces the DMV’s parking lot. Apparently a 90 year old man was reporting his car as stolen from the parking lot and they were asking if they could review some of camera footage. He gave us the description of the car and we checked our cameras to see if we could notice anything suspicious. While we were reviewing our cameras Officer Higa gave us a call back 10 minutes later to let us know that they found the car in Costco’s parking lot. Turns out, the man forgot that he parked his car at Costco!

HPD inquiries on facilities

This actually isn’t the first time that HPD has come in inquiring about our camera footage for reasons other than storage; because our cameras run 24/7 and face around the entire building, they’re very helpful in detecting possible crimes in the area.