storage units

dillingham self storage for the holidays

“dillingham self storage filling up”

Our dillingham self storage units have been filling up now that it’s the holidays. We’ve noticed that several of our tenants have been in need of more space so several of them acquired a second unit with us.  This means that we’re filling up fast.

“self storage units to store Christmas decorations”

As of now, there are only a handful of spaces available.  If you’re in need of storage, call now to ask us about one.  It’s a great feeling to clean out your home to ring in the new year.  You may also need a space to store all of those extra Christmas decorations after the holidays are over!  

“great way to hide Christmas presents from keiki”

Storage units can also be a great way to hide Christmas presents from the keiki if you’re in need of a good hiding spot. Santa sometimes has a hard time figuring out a hiding spot because those keiki are getting really good at finding things!  In units, all the gifts are safe and hidden from potential discovery!

storage unit

Mike’s new storage unit

Michael has been looking to get a storage unit with us since he left us and has been on our wait list for quite some time.  When Michael moved out last year, he said goodbye to a unit size that’s very popular around here.  When he came back to us earlier this year to get another unit again, we weren’t able to get him the same one.  That’s why he’s been on our wait list for a while. 

“He didn’t want to go anywhere else”

He wanted a storage unit with us and didn’t want to go anywhere else so he was willing to stay on our wait list for a while.  At the beginning of this month, he came into our office to see if anything had opened up and we unfortunately had to tell him that the specific size he wanted was still unavailable.  However, we gave him a tour of our facilities and he realized that a few other units that we have were actually more suitable than the one he’s been waiting for!  

“happy with his new unit”

Michael is now a storage unit tenant with us again and is happy with his new unit.  Glad to have you back, Michael!