dillingham self storage

Cary at CAS Crafts

Our facilities provide more than just printing and storage. We offer a mail service for tenants as well. For example, businesses and tenants can use our address to ship their items to, and we’ll receive it for them and hold onto it until they pick it up.

Cary with CAS Crafts

Cary is one of our tenants that utilizes our service. He’s been a tenant with us since late 2012. Cary owns CAS Crafts and sells at craft fairs around the island throughout the year. We accept boxes for him when he’s shipping in new items. We know that there’s a craft fair coming up when a new box comes in!

Thanks for the treats, Cary!

He’s so sweet. He always brings treats for us whenever he comes in to pick up his boxes! We tell him he doesn’t need to bring anything for us, but he still brings us goodies anyway. It’s so sweet to have tenants like Cary who bring us goodies. A few times he forgot to bring us goodies so he came back a second time, after he had already picked up his package, to bring us something! We love helping our customers, especially the ones who feed us!