storage for the holidays

Arlene has been a self storage tenant with us for a while now. She’s a local business owner that uses her storage to help her business. Her business, Hidden Treasures, which sells travel products, usually gets really busy around the holiday season. Arlene does a lot of shows and craft shows during this time. She’s reserved a van once a week for every week from August until the end of the year.

Dilly Rentals

The Dilly Rental vans really help her do these shows because without them it would be so difficult for her to transport her items. Arlene joked around with us that she won’t be able to take a day off until after Christmas! Although she’s really busy, she’s got one less thing to worry about now that she’s got a van reserved until December.

The holidays are busy for everyone

The holidays can be a busy time for everyone, including families and businesses. If you’re a storage tenant with us, or just in need of a storage vehicle with a large capacity, give us a call so you can assure yourself that you’re taken care of for all your holiday errands!

Need a storage van for the holidays?