Personal storage insurance

Your personal storage is important, and it’s important to keep it safe and secure. As we mentioned earlier, we do have very secure facilities with excessive security measures and personnel. Here at Dillingham we take our tenants’ storage very seriously. We want you to know your things are safe.

However, just like with anything, it’s always a good idea to purchase insurance. Insurance at Dillingham is optional. We’ve heard of some storage facilities on the island that require you to purchase insurance. However, we go through an outside insurance company that is optional to our customers. MiniCo is the insurance company that we partner with. They insure stored property against burglary, storms, smoke, fires, earthquakes, lightning, rodents and more. Monthly premiums start at $9.00 for a coverage limit of $2,500 and go up to $75.00 monthly for a coverage limit of $20,000.00. Before you make a decision, if you are a homeowner, then your storage unit might also be covered. Some renters insurance might also cover storage units as well.  

Your personal storage will always be safe with us but for peace of mind it might be a good idea for a tenant to invest in storage unit insurance. Come in and talk to us if you have any questions or need advice!

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Storage facilities are in high demand

Our storage facilities are in high demand. We have so many current tenants that when we’re at full capacity, we start a wait list that customers can be put on for when their requested size isn’t available. We update this list all the time and let our customers know when the size that they want becomes available.

This is the most efficient process for fulfilling the needs of all of our customers. It’s difficult to make sure each of our customers are getting what they want, so we use our wait list to make things as fair as possible. It’s the best way to coordinate and satisfy our potential tenants.   

Storage facilities can be very helpful in keeping things safe for while you’re in the middle of the move, or just need some things to be put off to the side for a little while! If you’re interested in joining our ohana, stop by and we’d love to chat with you! Let us know what you’re interested in and we can show you around. We’d love for you to join our storage ohana.   

Storage facility perks

Dillingham Self Storage understands that moving into a new storage facility can be stressful, difficult and often times taking a physical toll on yourself. We know it can be difficult especially if you drive a small sedan and have to take multiple trips from your home to our facilities. If you’re moving all of your things solely on your own, this could also make things more difficult.

move in vehicles

However, worry no more because we are offering complimentary move in vehicles to new storage tenants! We’ll lend you a move-in van or box truck. The vehicle is complimentary and all you’ll pay for is the gas and $0.50 per mile. You’ll be able to use it during our office hours when the vehicles are available.

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We try to help our Dillingham Self Storage customers as much as possible, and these discounted vans are our way of saying welcome to our ohana! We hope you take advantage of them and please do ask us about them when you come in!

Security for storage facilities

All of our storage facilities are highly secured, monitored by adamant security. Our security system is comprised of 24 hour surveillance cameras in and around the entire building. In addition to these cameras we also have an after-hours security guard that works late night hours. For half the week the guard is here from 9pm to midnight and for the other half of the week the guard is here from 9pm to 5am. We also require each tenant to pick an access code at the start of their lease to use to get through the access gate. Each storage unit also has an alarmed door that goes off when the unit is opened and or closed during after hours.

Safe storage facilities

We take our security very seriously and hope that all of our tenants feel safe leaving their things with us. It’s part of our high-quality products, services and customer service that we like to offer to our storage ohana.

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More than just storage units

In addition to our storage units, we’re making big changes at our Dilly Print Shop. The app Print Me is making it a lot easier for customers to search and find “print shops near me” conveniently. The app allows customers to quickly and easily find locations of Print Me stations. Customers can also print documents directly from their phone to the machine. 

There are only 7 of these Print Me compatible places, and we are going to be the 8th one. The app makes it easier for customers to download exactly what they want to get printed by just following the steps. Our printer has a pay machine kiosk attached to it that customers then scan the barcode on this kiosk to pay. It’s that simple! Our recent Digital Press machine that we got will match perfectly with the new Print Me application! For printing customers that are not already tenants, they just have to pay an additional $1 to use our computers at the front desk if they wanted to print from those.

We’re still in the training stage with Print Me apps and the pay machine accompanying it but once we get the hang of it we’ll be on our way to quicker and simpler printing!