Clear the clutter

We’re always trying to help our tenants downsize and get rid of things they might not need. This is why we encourage customers to sort through their things one box at a time and if they haven’t touched it in 6 months or longer, we recommend them to just get rid of it altogether. If the box hasn’t been opened since the last move, definitely get rid of it. Downsizing is key to saving money on storage.  

Peter Walsh, an Australian media personality and author of “It’s all too much” is known as a professional “clutter organizer” and provides great organizing tips on his site:

Even family mementos can be preserved while downsizing. We recommend taking a picture of the item or keepsake and getting rid of it or framing a part of it. There are several ways to honor the significance of personal family objects while still being able to live comfortably.

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Downsizing is key

Most customers aren’t aware of the fact that they aren’t required to stay in their specific unit size for the entire month.

For example, some tenants who are in a rush to move into storage will come in with a large amount of items and boxes. They usually later clear through them and end up reducing their amount in storage. It would be useful in this case to size down and get a smaller unit, because they no longer need the extra space, saving money in the process.

Dillingham Self Storage makes it easier for tenants to accomplish this by allowing them to downsize to a smaller space (given availability) at any point in the month. Our storage facilities are air conditioned and always clean, so feel free to come on by an sort through your boxes if at any time you feel downsizing would be helpful and necessary. And we’ll usually have coffee and pastries downstairs for ya! And what’s even better is there’s a public dump less than a mile away so you can rent out one of our Uhaul trucks for 50 cents a mile and spend less than $2 to haul away your stuff!  

If your desired smaller unit is not available at the time, we’ll have you down on a waiting list for the next month!  

Dillingham Self Storage

The Perry siblings

Chris and Crystal Perry are a sibling duo that stop by Dillingham Self Storage almost every day. They currently have two inside ground units and have been tenants with us since 2013. They are the Hawaii representatives for Ortho Development Co., a supplier for orthopedic devices for people going into surgery for knee, hip and spine replacement.

Dillingham receives shipments from FedEx, UPS and USPS, a quality that’s really helpful for Chris and Crystal because they have FedEx shipments arriving almost daily for them. The duo delivers and distributes the supplies to hospitals. Their supplies are sensitive because they need to be stored in a climate-controlled area, hence the reason why their two air-conditioned ground units are helpful.

Chris and Crystal also make use of the Dilly Print Shop and we add the bill to their storage invoice for convenience. They’ve commented in the past on how convenient it is that Dillingham Self Storage offers a plethora of services all in the same place – printing, storage and Uhaul rentals. However, their business is growing and soon they’ll be in need of a warehouse to accommodate for the expansion. But they’ve said that they don’t want to leave us if a spare unit doesn’t open up!

We love Chris and Crystal and we’re hoping they won’t have to leave either!

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Anthony’s karaoke

Anthony Han has been a tenant with us since ‘09, when we opened Dillingham Self Storage. Currently he has 5 units, 3 of which are outside drive-up and 2 of which are inside. He’s also the owner of ABC karaoke and uses all of his units as warehouse compartments for his equipment. He’s one of our few customers that utilizes all of our services: storage, printing and Uhaul.

In fact, Anthony is currently renting our only store front unit, which is open to customers six days of the week. It’s right along our driveway, he’s been running this store since ‘10. He’s working with Dillingham’s owner, Jim, in expanding his store into a bigger warehouse. Anthony is always at Dillingham, pretty much daily. His employee manages the store from 10-5 Monday to Saturday.

He’s a very nice, sweet individual and we love having him around. Because his second language is English, we’ll help him with grammar on some forms when he’s printing at Dilly Print Shop, from time to time. He likes to chat with us when we’re here, he’s always talking to Nanette or some of our staff at the front desk.

The benefits of using professional movers

Dillingham Self Storage recommends using professional movers when making a big move or moving one’s things into storage in general.

“If I were gonna do it, I’d use a mover. I watch the stress level move up and down, and people accidentally break their own things because it hasn’t been wrapped or packed properly or they don’t know where they’ve packed it,” Nanette said.

It’s easier to focus your concerns on labeling boxes while someone else is packing it, and watching where it’s placed in the unit. It simplifies the unpacking process and just saves the physical strain on yourself in general. Also, professional movers have far more experience in moving and carefully packing fragile items.  

Professional movers are also skilled with efficiently packing boxes in Uhaul trucks (available for rent at Dillingham Self Storage) compared to friends or yourself who will most likely be tired or frustrated with having to make multiple trips to your storage unit because of lack of skill in packing things and boxes. Uhaul trucks are rented by the mile so reducing the number of trips to your storage unit is critical in reducing the total amount you’re investing in your move.  

Dillingham Self Storage

Shelving is key!

Despite the size of a unit, there are several steps a tenant can take to maximize the space of their unit and get more “bang for their buck” here at Dillingham Self Storage.

One of the ways to do this is with shelves. Shelves help tenants stack upwards and gain height in their storage unit compared to placing boxes on the floor. Shelves maximize the height of a unit in a cost-effective manner.     

Costco and City Mill sell metal shelves that are easy to apply, as well as cheap shelving with wheels that easily roll to allow for mobile accessibility.   

“You could actually put shelves right down the middle on wheels and you could pull it out when you go into the unit and then you’ve really maximized all your space, as long as that one in the middle isn’t heavily weighed down,” Nanette said.

Shelves also protect the fragile tops of cardboard packing boxes by removing the weight of stacking boxes on boxes. Shelving helps to protect cardboard boxes from falling through at the top by removing this pressure.   

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Travel Products Hawaii

Arlene has been a tenant with us since 2010. She has a business called “Travel Products Hawaii” that sells products to make traveling convenient and comfortable like anti-theft bags and phone accessories. We even sell some of her phone accessories at our front desk, and we’ve been doing so for a few years now. It’s funny how this came about because she put them on our desk one day and said “see if you can sell em!” and we’ve been doing that ever since!

She currently has two drive-up units at Dillingham Self Storage. The drive up units are outside and are much larger than our other units. Tenants with these have 24-hour accessibility. Arlene stocks her products here and also uses this as a shipping address. Sometimes she’ll leave a package with us for someone else to pick up and we’ll make the arrangements to help her with this.

Arlene is always remarking on how clean our facilities are. We try to keep our bathroom as clean as possible and sometimes when she’s on the road doing business she just stops by to use our bathroom!  

The entrepreneur stops by every week and we love having her around all the time because she has such an upbeat personality. We always end up talking story and she updates us on her family life.