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More than just Honolulu self storage

At Dillingham we try to be more than just Honolulu self storage. We like building personal relationships with our tenants.

Dan’s printing needs

Dan has been a storage tenant with us since ‘10. We’ve personally known him for a much longer time and love having him around as a tenant. Dan sells medicare insurance and he uses the Dilly Print Shop for his work. He comes in 3-4 times/week because we also receive mail for him. Dan does a lot of work on the road presenting medicare to different businesses so it’s convenient for him to call us to print some things. He also stops in to use our computers or send faxes. Clients and tenants are welcome to use our computers.

More than Honolulu self storage

As we said earlier, we’re more than just Honolulu self storage. We like to build personal relationships with our clients and talk story with them when they come in, like we do with Dan and many others all the time. It means a lot to us to have this personal relationship with people we work with, it’s what makes us who we are.